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Discover authentic ways to experience the best food and drink wherever you are.

Having at least a decade of experience in both the travel and hospitality business, we’ve loved been meeting the needs of our foodie guests, and to be honest we’re missing helping our guests. We owned the top boutique spa hotel, restaurant and cooking course in Marrakech for 10 years so we understand how important it is to experience other cultures through it’s food. In fact, it’s the absolute best way ! Now we’ve been both the behind the scenes supplier and the keen foodie guest so we’re well equipped to advise. 


Explore local foods, get to know the local experts.

This section is new but we aim to bring you gems from all parts of the world we have lived in or stayed in for long enough to live like a local. We know how both the travel and hospitality business works behind the scenes so what is presented online is pretty transparent to us. We’ll cut through the crap for you so you can make easier and better choices ! so we’ll share our reviews here… so you get to the living more part FASTER !


Stay at the best places, taste the best dishes, and learn how to cook them.

Now we’re working nomadically, living some part of each year in 2 – 4 different places, and we continue to explore life through food, everywhere we go.  We’ll bring you the best opportunities to learn and experience the most authentic foods around the world. We aim to cover the places we know best… starting with Spain ( Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Mallorca); UK (Surrey, Kent); Netherlands (Amsterdam, Gouda); Ireland (Dublin, Cork ); Morocco (Marrakech, Essaouria); Finland (Helsinki), Italy (Tuscany, Umbria, Rome); France (Paris, Provence, Auvergne).

Cooking courses

residential, walking tours, day courses

Cooking or sharing a meal, is one of the best ways to meet local people ( and other travellers), and learn about their culture.  Tasting, and learning about the most used ingredients in each country, and then the most exciting part of fusing this with what you know already from your own country.

Spend time with the locals, the experts, the cooks and chefs, and the locals. Learn about the culture through their dishes. You should be able to  understand the countries staple foods, the most commonly used ingredients ( and why ! ), and the best dishes to be able to replicate when you get home.


Foodie places to stay ( and eat )


luxury & boutique hotels, BnBs, Agrotourismos, Restaurants & Cafés

Staying in a foodie place is the best. You know their top priorities are food, and you !

You’ll also want to know what to eat & drink in the local area, and where (good, or traditional foods and foodie places to visit.) As you probably know, hotel staff recommendations aren’t always the best for the guest unless the owner / manager is on top of it all the time ! However, the best and most authentic places should tell you the best dishes to try and the best places to eat and drink when you’re out and about. We’ll test it out when we visit the area, and we’ll also share our own experiences with you when you book… so you can always cross reference.