Living the magic…

the time when night meets day.

( You know what time we’re taking about… from 3am ) 

If you’re given the opportunity of being around at that time, find a great use for it.

I’m a bit of a worrier, and sometimes I wake in the night because my mind is doing overtime with to do lists or ideas. Apart from worrying about the things on the list, I also would worry that I wasn’t getting a good night’s sleep !  Sometimes I get up but if I start working, it makes it even harder to go back to bed and sleep again.


Enjoy what life gives us, no matter what time it is !

Finally, I’ve found the solution. If I can’t sleep, I now use the time to either…

Write down those ideas ( because they do often disappear the next day).

Try to meditate myself back to sleep. Yoga nidra is great for this, or a cell regenerating guided meditation because it makes me feel I’m also doing something useful.

Or, simply walk outside on the earth, and enjoy seeing and hearing what nature is doing in that quiet time.

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golden milk without coconut oil

Look at that aura round the moon !

The beauty and the benefit of waking in the night

You know what I’m talking about.. the 3am  / 4am thoughts time.

Well sometimes it’s good to just get up and reap the benefits and see the beauty, feel the moment !

Walk on the grass… even nicer if it’s wet !
Bare the soles of your feet to the heat of the earth.
Hear the sweet songs of birds all around and above.

And with tingles in your soles and a smile in your soul, you can’t help looking up.. and it always delights.
Ahhhhhh… a perfect moment of the brightness of night.

Now the odd 5am clubber is
up and about ! The bins need collecting and someone’s starting a car.
It’s all moving on, and it’s changing to day , with distractions returning to take it away.

But hang on for a moment to the ringing in your ears, of the silence and sounds, and your space, all around.

I hope you get to enjoy this too, next time you wake up at this time!

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