Slow down today

take care of you… and everything else will be ok !

Last updated May 12, 2021 at 5:39PM | Published on Apr 6, 2020

slow down and take care of yourself today

Don’t forget to slow things down and look after yourself today.


What a beautiful reminder a Sunday can be… even in lockdown ! It’s good to designate a day to slow down, or even stop !

We’re working away here, and I wanted to get a new post to you but… as usual, I’m going a bit overboard, so I’m taking a break to say helloooo !

Paul has been working away at the other end of our little plot. We have a small bungalow and an outside area on 3 sides. We take a table on opposite sides of the house for our ‘office’. Both in the morning shade… music on.  Jazz, a lot of Diane Krall, and her duet buddies from Tony Bennett to Brian Adams. Feels peaceful and soul filling.


Time off

Interrupted only by a lovely light lunch now… courtesy of Paulchef, (and a nice rioja ;) Whether you are on your own, or in a duo, or a noisy group… I hope your Sunday is filled with sloooooowwwwwnessss, on your own, or do it together, lie on the floor and chill…..and look after your souls and your selves in these crazy times.

xxxx HappySunday
Whatever you are doing. xxxx

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