Take time now, to take care of yourself.

Listen to your body’s need

and you’ll end up saving time in the end !

Last updated Nov 24, 2020 at 8:26AM | Published on Feb 10, 2020

Eat well with this Quote by Jim Rohn. take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live.

Are you listening to your body’s needs ?

Health is the greatest gift.

I found this quote quite relevant in more ways than one. Until illness arrives we often forget how important health is.

Maybe that fabulous Christmas trip to the U.K. catch me off guard and I brought back an unwanted gift? Health is the greatest gift.

I usually travel reeking of tea tree oil but I had a bag full of liquid stocking fillers to take and gave it a miss ( never again !) Halfway through January now and I’m still not well. After an intervention at the hospital emergency room yesterday I’m now on a massive cocktail of strong drugs… from steroids to antibiotics… but it was necessary.

Too late…

Resting, eating simply and wisely, self medicating, meditating and even EFT tapping could only take me so far ?. My body has certain weaknesses and there will be virus and infections that love to fight them.


What can we learn ?

Now that I’m a little high, I want to know what there is to learn here!!

I really don’t like having to take so much medicine ( I’ll be getting the pro-biotics and milk thistle ready) but am also so grateful to all the medical staff for picking me up and setting me on a path to good health again. And to Nurse Paul… nothing like needing to be taken care of to add kindle to your love fire  ? ?

The good thing is this enforced silence makes for a more retrospective January rather than our usual gun-ho approach of Exciting January strategising and organising. Instead, we’re grateful to have the enforced stop, the space now to observe, and listen.
I’m really noticing what food and drinks my body wants to receive. And I’m questioning why my body wasn’t able to fight this off ? I’m going to look at my body’s food intolerances and nutritional needs, and maybe at the mind body connection here. Time to take it seriously. Paul is also checking out his preferred regime. We like to cook from scratch so there’ll be a busy kitchen in January I think.

I know I eat mostly great food but also some of the not so healthy ( well I usually drink that kind ?Thank goodness for my enforced dry January.

Are you listening to your body’s needs, or are you rushing into the same january diets as your friends ?

I hope you can stop just for a moment to share your thoughts. I’m listening ♥️


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