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The AUTHENTIC word seems to be bandied about as much as the COOL word was in the 80s’  ( actually, I think they really mean the same thing !)

A definition of “Authentic”

being genuine, being real, being true


That seems a simple definition – so why all the confusion?

We used to think of a person being authentic. Now it’s a word we see used to describe places, people, and businesses.

This reminds us of how the ORGANIC word and others are used and abused when describing food… in a way that is meant to make us think it’s all good.


Is this authentic ?


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Authentic business

The whole authentic issue gets clouded when people or businesses dress up as someone not authentically them. They want to be something else. So they say it, they might even look like it, but they don’t always act like it or deliver it. So does that mean,  it’s not authentically them in the first place. Is it simply a copy-cat, an ego, or preferred status, or simply a cover-up.


You can’t be the authentic genuine article if you’re just an imitation ! 

We couldn’t order a coffee here – what we see and feel is all wrong to us. I mean the whole authentic barista statement on the wall, along with the fully automatic bean-to-cup machines below it … where you just press a button to deliver coffee !

The problem isn’t the machine. It’s simply the mis-match between what it says on the wall and the automatic machines lined up below. In fact, bean-to -cup machines are one of the most popular new kitchen appliances right now !


What is a bean-to-cup machine anyway ?

There’s nothing wrong with a good bean-to-cup machine. In fact they are a fabulous invention. You can see our definition, and the one’s we like best here, made also by all the best manufacturers of manual machines for commercial or home baristas too – so they know what they’re doing.

They can give you a brilliant freshly ground, barista style coffee, in seconds. But there isn’t a barista person hiding inside each machine lol.

Authentic is not a catch-all word meaning it’s “good for you” .

( It may be that it’s just “good for them” ! )


When a business is owned or run by people that don’t mean what they say, then they just can’t deliver ! We found this a lot with the hotel and restaurant business. Emperors new clothes syndrome was what they called it – when a hotel was dressing itself up in marketing images and sound-bites that look great,  but in reality it didn’t deliver.

It confused us though why some people were drawn to booking the wrong place for them. Perhaps those businesses were mis-representing their authenticity. Or, perhaps the guests either didn’t give the time to check out it’s authenticity. Or were they letting their own ego do the booking, only to find it didn’t actually suit them once they actually checked in !


Cooks, chefs, baristas.

In the world there are still authentic givers and authentic takers. Good baristas, cocktail makers, cooks and chefs are generally natural givers.  And that’s why we love the cook to chef world. There is nothing that makes them more happy than crafting beautiful food or drinks to please you.

In the cook to chef world, being authentic doesn’t just mean a Chinese style restaurant has to be driven by a Chinese chef or owner. You don’t have to be Chinese to deliver authentically ( but of course you might find more Chinese chefs that have that natural connection with the food and want to deliver that to you. )

All baristas don’t have to be Italian… but they have to be authentically a barista ! And if your business is shouting about how great their barista is, surely they would rather have them on show, delivering the coffee, instead of a bean-to-cup imitation.

So here’s what we think it means?

I guess it means being who you say you are, and then follow through by doing it, and owning it/ being it. Surely it can’t be possible to be anyone else as well as you can be yourself . Makes sense !

So Paul and I were discussing this last night. The scene… a lovely evening spent just us eating, drinking, talking. These are the only pictures you’re going to get 😉

so here’s what my Yorkshire man has to say about it . Simple as…

“You just do what you say, and say what you do”

I’m the complicated one going round and round the subject , delving into every angle, layer by layer lol. “Finding yourself”, “naval gazing”, “being true” or “in tune with your inner self”. Then I come up for air and can summarise it.


“What we think, then feel, we are”

But conditioning has had a big impact on our thinking… don’t you think ! So we get lost as we grow up, not sure who we are… what our purpose is.

But you do know who and what you are when you get that utter joy feeling easliy  – that’s when you’re being true to who you really are. So give attention to those moments and invite more of them to come to you. That’s when the true you is fully in tune with what you are thinking or feeling or doing right then.

In the same way,  we should pay attention to how we feel about what others are saying and doing. You know when we feel comfortable or uncomfortable with someone else, or with a product or a business. You can ‘feel’ authenticity can’t you?  When something or someone is being false.


To summarise

To make sure we are being authentic we have to…

Think it. Feel it. Act on it. Be it.

To check if something is authentic or not – use Paul’s definition. In the coffee shop case, it’s easy…. They aren’t doing what they say , nor do they say what they are doing. Simple.



date night on the swing seat

… and that’s all folks. Goodnight !


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