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This KMix Triblade (HDX754) hand blender set.

Last updated Mar 21, 2019 at 10:24AM | Published on Oct 18, 2018

… because it’s a great deal !

kmix triblade handblender set in cream

we think the price point on this is brilliant.


it´s beautifully stylish as well as using the brilliant Triblade technology


it´s essentially an upgrade to the Kenwood HDP406 we recommend in our top 3 hand blenders of 2018. The HDP406 Triblade was launched about 4 years ago, this Kmix Triblade model was launched just last Spring.


it´s metal where the triblade is not, but its does the same job, has the same power and accessories. NOTE: Its a different range so you can’t interchange the accessories.


dare we say also … if you like the look and feel of KitchenAid, check this out!


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