Live simply

so that someone else, somewhere, might have the chance to live.

Living simply seems to give us more time to live, but that’s not the only meaning here. By living simply in this 2020 pandemic year, we can literally also add time to someone else’s life !


Last updated Dec 2, 2020 at 7:27AM | Published on Apr 14, 2020

slow down and take care of yourself today

May… not Might !

There are many quotes similar to this one, but I like that Gandhi said MAY live not MIGHT live. So it’s possible, it’s a reality, if only we all try our best to do it.

Never has this phrase felt more literal.

From our own very strict lockdown on our Spanish island, (where we’ve heard of 1000 euro fines by the police for being out when you shouldn’t. ), we watch and listen to various lockdown stories in other countries through the media or family and friends.

If only everyone could take it seriously they really may allow someone else to simply… live !

In almost everything we do, there is an effect on someone else in our world.
If only every single person could take personal responsibility for their own actions… if they don’t then someone else has to.

If only everyone could just follow the rules and stay in… Not overstock but live simply… Not have house parties, but think of the wider community and not just themselves… If only everyone could find happiness within… within their own homes, within their own selves.

On the plus side, so many people are doing it !

It’s so beautiful to see people finding joy and pleasure in simple things again, and finding a passion for simply living.

We’re lucky. We actually like to follow the rules (as well as breaking the norms of course.) For once, I feel we are so lucky to be way ahead of the curve in a way, to have simplified our lives so much already to experience this abundance. We’ve done a lot of hard stuff to get here, so it has meant that this lockdown hasn’t been so difficult for us.

Even with that though, we’ve been surprised that we’re finding new simplicities, new challenges, and new joys within our smaller physical space.
It seems that the depth and abundance of a simple life never ends.

It really does feel like our best life ever yet I’m sure we’re only on the tip of the iceberg and so many of you are doing way better than us.
We’re still growing. I hope we always will be.

We’ll keep trying… and we hope more people take up the challenge after this pandemic, and try to live more simply too.

It’s worth it. For all our sakes.

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