Vintage Spanish Percolador

Is it a mokapot, a greca, a cafetera ?..  or perhaps a cafeteramoka !!


Last updated May 17, 2020 at 4:31PM | Published on May 17, 2020

vintage spanish percolator

I’ve decided.. it percolates so that’s my decision. It’s a percolator !

At first I thought it’s a cafeteramoka !! This is what happens when you’re down to your last nespresso pod. You get desperate. But we happened to be clearing the landlord’s cupboards out at the same time. Lockdown hobby no. 1  😚

homemade sourdough bread

Sadly, our Italian Rocket espresso machine is still in a U.K. attic, and we can’t get any more nespresso capsules like this delivered to the island. But we’re not short of a Spanish percolator or 2, or 3 ! ( and counting !) Not Paul’s usual cup of coffee but needs must when you need your coffee.

For me… Coffee just has to taste good, in whatever form, to serve a purpose…. to make me happy. So I’m claiming the cute iron topped, vintage looking, single serve one in a pretty red ❤️I’ finding it also helps me limit my intake when I do single serve at a time.
So this’ll do nicely, especially as I like a long black anyway. 🙏

Paul has taken hold of the 2 person pretty silver/brass combo pot, and there’s a family version I’m not going near or I’ll be jumping to high heaven by 10am.

If anyone has the ristretto capsules in this picture, please be an angel and message us 😇



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