Worry less and Wish more

… and everything will be ok !

Last updated Jan 21, 2021 at 4:47PM | Published on Mar 31, 2020

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I put this up as a wee reminder to ourselves too because I noticed that since the Covid-19 started, I also started to worry some times when lying in bed at night, (where most worries like to surface) .

Why ?  After all, we gave up so much to live like this, and had to learn a long time ago ( working for ourselves ) that you can’t control or guarantee anything… especially money or health. So the lockdown here hasn’t changed life much for us.
So this is just a mental change… and these 3 lines help remind me how to get back on top.


Turn worries into wishes.

There’s no point to worrying. It makes you feel bad and doesn’t change anything… apart from a lack of sleep.
So I like to change the worries into wishes. It turns it into a positive and makes me relax and smile instead ? … and it inspires me with work too.
But you can’t just wish and do nothing . So I like to think… just work hard and change the worries to wishes and everything suddenly seems inspired and rosy !

… or something better.

Last tip, when we wish for something. We like to add ‘or something better’ after the wish… just to leave things more fun and open !


What works for you ?

We’d love to know, so just use the comments box below to share. Thank-you.


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