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Who’s the cook and who’s the boss ?

paulaoibheann amsterdam

Keeping it real, at the Moco museum, in Amsterdam

Our fromcooktochef to us represents the  tough but rewarding journey of life, and everyday struggles in and out of the kitchen. The concept, and the daily work keep us focused on how we want to live, and using that to help you too. 

Individually we are so different in our approaches to food, cooking and work. But we’re a team now in both life and work for over 30 years, so we just naturally settle into our roles on each adventure. 

Doing everything nomadically and online now also brings its own challenges, and as well as finding our natural roles, we try to make sure we get a little out of our comfort zone too. So who’s the cook and who’s the boss ? We swap roles (cook/worker or chef/leader) constantly to get the best out of life.  I´ve included our daughter in the picture below –  we´ve changed our life a few times in anticipation of her needs too – because maybe she´s the boss !


Bless my parents for that ancient Irish unpronounceable name ( Eeevaanne or more as it should be Eeavin, or should it Eveeen – or Oatflatwhite as Starbucks call me). It’s the bain of my life, but I also like it because it’s different. So it suits me… I´ll admit, I’m not your average Aoibheann!  I´m the over-caring dreamer and doer, and have always been so tenacious. I can’t stop researching the truths about kitchen tools out there… like a dog with a bone, to get the best information to you.  So I´ve become a bit of a hand blender queen. Google likes that I uncover so much for you, so it takes me to dizzy heights your online searches.   I have so much juicy stuff to share but am always trying to find the balance to live more too. Having grown up as the ´middle child´, I´m trying to find my voice and allow it to be heard – quite a journey too. I know that I think in a kookie complicated way and write too much. I´m working on it ! 


As well as his natural bent for design, and stylish cooking, he has an amazing talent for keeping the team grounded. ” Funny Uncle Paul ” he’s known as in the family! He helps us keep things simple and light, knows how to have fun. His superb quality control and kaizan approach is still king as he surfs the keyboard.   He really is the coffee-maker king, and molecularly ( is that a word ?) talented ! His professional background is computerised finance so for now, online digital marketing analysis is the new toy he won’t let go of !

Our daily activity apart from keyboard work is exercising, meditating, music, finding ways to have fun, enjoying the elements, and playing…with our food mostly ! Discovering and organising ingredients, making cooking easy, and enjoying the pleasure of eating and drinking. We’re noticing though how easy it is to get out of balance so it’s not perfect !

We have to re-adjust a lot though when we travel… or when health suffers. We definitely are getting more sensitive as we tune in to our own needs !  One thing that never changes is that we are always learning, and cooking more, and trying to live better each and every day. We even have a daily mantra and keep a track of the things that can help us to do that better. 

paul, aoibheann and alana family beach shot

We laugh more (and louder!)

We live well…and have time to

feel lighter about everything again.

And we can take a fun picture together if we’re ever in the same place.



Our journey

10 year adventures.

life is an adventure

one life, many adventures

about how we ended up in this adventure.



Our beliefs

Why we do things the way we do.

kaizen baby steps

kaizen, care, & the customer

about what drives us to do things the way we do.



Our daily mantra

The 3 things we account for every day.

staying young and free

 free & responsible

about the 3 things we account for every day.