Can’t Travel right now?

you can still have a global foodie experience 

because we found a great idea for you!


Food travel from the comfort of your home!

In 2021, during the coronavirus pandemic travel restrictions, we managed to still find a way to explore the world through food.

It’s a great way for children, and the whole family to understand other food cultures from your own kitchen!

Thanks for your patience during the world pandemic in 2020 – 2023

The hospitality industry has suffered tremendously, and it was so sad for us to see. Great hospitality is at the heart of local communities so we wanted to add this foodie travel section, for us all to use when everyone could travel more easily again. 

During that time…

We found a cool way to do food travel from your own home.

You know I’m all about food journeys. Well, you can still explore the foods of the world through our recipes and guides, plus particularly for those of you in N.America,  we’ve found this really special company for you to check out. You can use this to entertain and educate the family!

We totally love what they are doing ( you know when you see something so special that you wish you had thought of it yourself !)

So we´ve done the next best little thing we can do online, and have partnered as an affiliate with them. That means, if you go through our link and make a purchase, the price stays the same to you,  but we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Every little bit helps….thank-you.

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Thank-you to Tengyart from Russia for this sad to mad eggs image. We did want to have a section on Russia – or rather St. Petersburg specifically as we spent some time there. But it’s not for now! We’ll get a link to booking dot com and share the really special hotel we stayed in just incase you ever get a chance to go there in more peaceful times. 

Eggs can be the most difficult things to cook well, and I feel this image represents all the emotions from cook to chef.

Makes us giggle.