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Dusting Wand

Dusting Wand

perfect for sprinkling surfaces for rolling dough, for evenly flouring baking pans.
great for precise dusting on buns and cakes… cinnamon, icing sugar, cocoa

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Make it personal !

Make it personal !

perfect for a wedding or anniversary present for a couple (The 5th anniversary is traditionally wood!)
or just treat yourself..great to personalise a cheese board with your own thoughts.

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Great deal !

Great deal !

A bargain price for the stylish Kmix sister to the Kenwood HDP406WH. If you like KitchenAid, you’ll love this.

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Banana Bag (stay fresh)

Banana Bag (stay fresh)

We love this because…
it does what it says. keeps bananas fresh for much longer… up to 2 weeks!
& you can store them in the fridge

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