We like to be inspired.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying we need inspiration, to stay on track, and the products that help do that are on our


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But this page is just a place where we can just muse about stuff as we experience it, and express what gives us some joy. It’s good to keep in touch with what makes you get to really live more. Stay in touch with us here.

You inspire us too

We’re inspired every day, by many or you, so we’ll share the stories, experiences, and quotes that resonate with us. We also see what is bought on Amazon through our links and your inspirations sometimes end up being ours too!

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we like love heart

What makes you smile?

It could be as simple as a childhood sweet.

If you are Swizzels love heart fan like us, you will understand our wee reference here! The little sayings that come on each sweet make us smile. So you might see this sign dotted around the blog as a sign of showing things we like or love.

Inspirations and musings

Tools we like

Tools we like

Cooking utensils and small kitchen appliances we like, use, or would love to have. They make great little gifts or big presents for everyone, from cook to chef.

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Living the magic …

Living the magic …

We don’t need to feel stressed anymore when we can’t sleep… now that we’ve discovered the beauty and the benefit of waking in the night.

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and neither can a business ! So what does it mean – to be authentic? ( Think it, feel it, act it, be it ). And, how can you check if you are being authentic or not ?

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