How to get the life you want to live, now.

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live today the life you're planning to live tomorrrow. Make it a habit. Because tomorrow is just another today, and you'll live it in the same way


Why do we all tend to live for future rewards ?


Recently, a friend mentioned that she couldn’t buy something she really wanted to have for ages – until she did a chore. It was to be her reward. I bet that sound’s familiar, it certainly rang a bell with me. How many of us starve ourselves of some pleasure today in expectation of having it tomorrow.

But then we changed our life, we made space, and we started the habit, so actually it was a bit of a blast from the past to hear this again. Why should living be a future reward, for not living today ?  Actually, if we think about it, isn’t this what we call procrastination !


Procrastination is a habit

It’s the habit of putting things off. Seems crazy to be putting off living till tomorrow doesn’t it ? Yet our future life comes from the habits we create in our current living. By the way, living our best life doesn’t mean everything is always easy… we have to still beat some procrastination and create some new habits but we’re always moving forward. What is easy, is making these decisions.


Live now, live more

Having simplified our own life to live more and live now. I say to my friend… and I hope you’re reading this !

Buy the dammed thing now, and every day when you get the joy of seeing it and the pleasure of using it,  you will be reminded of the task you wanted to do before you would allow yourself to buy this ! You’ll be inspired and feel the energy ( hint… at least from the caffeine !) to do that task.



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Your reward may not be there tomorrow !

For the last month, I’ve found that after all the long research I had done on some products, they were disappearing off the shelves fast, so I was spending time every day finding them and linking to them from the blog for everyone.

After months of research, I was finding the products I had uncovered as the best … were disappearing off the shelves fast. The supply of favourite semi-automatic espresso machine disappeared, but I’ve found some again thank goodness… for now. I’ve just finished the research on a fabulous new product and was about to spend this week writing it up (yes, exciting and perfect for lockdown ! )  but there are none available to buy right now… boooo I really want one too !

However, like everyone, I sometimes can’t find a product on the front end of Amazon, but as an affiliate I can go into the back end and search in different ways and can sometimes find it available so can get the product code for you to link to.  We’re also looking at other sources. I hate to think of people clicking through and getting that N/A sign.


Planning for the future

Apparently, planning for future life is also a way procrastinating about living your ideal life today. If you don’t live the life you want today, how can you know how to live it tomorrow?

If today hasn’t been perfect, tomorrow has the possibility it will be better. We promise yourselves that tomorrow will be better, but when it comes, it’s only another today. …Now we know why we never get things done if we keep leaving it till tomorrow.


On a more morbid note…

You may be putting off too much living today in expectation of living tomorrow. If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught us, it should be to appreciate, and live as fully as we can now.

So don’t starve yourself today, with the expectation of living tomorrow instead

So I say…

Eat the dam cake today, (who would have thought the shop would run out of flour )!


Go on a feel good diet today, it’s easier too if you think it’s just for today! ( and who would have thought, Paul and I started like this and we are now up to 3 diet days a week !)


Contact that person today, whilst you remember. ( If you’re like me , you’ll surely forget tomorrow )


Buy that great kitchen tool while it’s available today, and enjoy it !


Source, and inspiration for this post


Tomorrow Is A Mystery, But Your Habits Aren’t

I was inspired to write this post when I found this page an interesting read on this subject…and I pulled out some of the points from there that support my quote, or added to my own thoughts.  Here’s the full post.


What did we learn? Well, it’s all about habit ( isn’t everything !), and acting now, today. To get to how we want to live today, we have to start doing it. A bit like that idea of visualising I suppose. Do what you can do, envision what you can’t … until you can. That’s the way we try to live, and I have to say, sometimes we have to re-start the habit, but in time the habit sticks. So start your good living habits today and set up your space so that you can do it, with joy.

Rings true, doesn’t it

So many famous people have tried to get this message across. There are soooo many quotes on the subject so I also wanted to share these three with you to sum up.

“The habit of always putting off an experience until you can afford it, or until the time is right, or until you know how to do it is one of the greatest burglars of joy. Be deliberate, but once you’ve made up your mind–jump in.” Charles R. Swindoll

“Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today because if you enjoy it today, you can do it again tomorrow.”– James A. Michener

“Tomorrow is promised to no one. Prioritize today accordingly.”
– Gina Greenlee



If you buy something new, also think about getting rid ( by selling or giving or throwing away ) of the stuff that it has replaced. It’s an ongoing process but a good habit to start now. We often see something we once had, or something similar, in someone else’s possession. It can feel nostalgic, but we still feel much better with less. We have what we want or need right now, and with that we feel that we have so much more than before.

Choose a quote that rings true with you from the shortlist above. Once you break the habit, I hope, like us that you will never look backwards, or forwards, to living again. It might sound too easy looking back, and for sure we don’t actually want or need as much to feel that we are living.

But in order to get there you have to start. So get in the habit, make space, start it now !

Everything is a choice. Don’t take life for granted.

Live more, Live now.

Aoibheann & Paul xx


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