Our daily mantra

 3 things…

eat well, cook better,  live more

Like anyone though, we need continuous inspiration to do this.  So we´ve got 3 lists below, to keep a wishlist of things we think would help us achieve these 3 things. We don’t need them all now, or all at once, but we like to have a place to keep track of them, and since we’re digital nomads travelling light, we have to have it here – where we can share it with you too. You’ll find other wee things that we have already purchased on the ‘tools we like’ page.

Where do we find them?

We love to pass on brilliant little finds from cooks and chefs and experts in all fields. We find great ideas from our travels, or even apartment rentals in different countries. And we get them from inspiring people – like you! Sometimes it’s our readers’ purchases that have introduced us to something great. Yours might feature in the list below, or maybe this latest one we loved was yours!

We got to use it in our rental in Stockholm this summer, so it’s going on our list!

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We even call this page www.fromcooktochef.com/3things/ so that we can easily remember and shop for our favourite things. 

3 things wishlist

The 3rd list is always bigger here as we don’t feature these anywhere else on the site, so we need to keep track here incase we have to replace them!


the good stuff we eat, and the ones we want to try!

Cook better…

tools we need, use lots, or would love to have;)


Finally, before we go to the lists… we also like to help email subscribers find what they need too. This personal shopping link is our latest find.


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