Tahini and more !

As mentioned in my latest newsletter

If you´re a hummus maker, or OttoLenghi fan, you´ll have come across this. Tahini is simply ground sesame seeds to make a paste. Sometimes the seeds are hulled sometimes not. Sometimes roasted , and you´ll also find a ( new to me ) black sesame seed tahini appearing in recipes.

It´s a great condiment in Eastern mediterranean and N.African countries too, and you´ll find it makes hummus and baba ghanoush just that extra special in flavour.

It taste´s a little dry and nutty and is really good for you ! I love having it in the fridge door to use as a base to make spreads, sauces and dressings. I do sweet with raw cacao and a little agave syrup for a bread topping,  or a savoury sweet mix with grainy mustard and a palm syrup ( maple would be good too) th meats or rice or even veggie rice.

Click over and get one if haven´t got access to one locally. I always love to see what else people buy with it, and the wonderful Belazu Rose Harissa keeps showing up. Belazu is a great brand too. You´ll also see that in lots of fabulous recipes ! I couldn´t get it here so I have the ingredients separately ( rose water and harissa ) and mix them when I need to.

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