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Free, foraged food education.

Free, foraged food education.

Teeny, tiny local passion fruit. Hand picked… foraged off a nearby street, gave us a wee treat ! But what a surprise. Now we know what size of passion fruits are the best, and are learning more about urban foraging.

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How to make your food smell and taste better

How to make your food smell and taste better

Learn the secret to creating and maximising those distinctive smells and umami tastes when you fry onions or sear meat. What makes the crusty breads, golden roast potatoes and toasted marshmallows all so very tempting!

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How to make the best chocolate

How to make the best chocolate

Raw chocolate (cacao, cocoa) – probably the most nutrient dense ingredient on the planet. Find out what it is, where to get it, and how to get a free mini cookbook so you can start creating your own pure chocolate heaven.

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