Kitchen tools we love.


Cooking tools are the best gifts to give…they just keep on giving back.

That’s speaking from our own experience, from tools to cooking courses at home or whilst travelling. Great gifts to give someone who seemingly has everything too ! 

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Affiliate Disclosure : As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

Cooking tools we bought ourselves, love to give, or have received…

plus some still on our wishlist !

Kenwood HDP406 hand blender set. Voted one of our best hand blenders to buy in 2018

just saying !


Birthday, Christmas, sales day… any day.

A gift isn’t just for a named day, it’s for anytime you feel like it. That’s how we live anyway !  It has inspired us to share with you, the things we like, use and believe in, or would love to have.
Do you need an excuse to buy yourself something to help you cook better ?

Something for everyone

We’ve included fun foodie based gifts, some serious equipment for the foodie cooks and chefs in your life ( including you ! ), and lots of useful little tools. Hopefully these will keep on giving back to you through delicious meals.

Our most favourite latest kitchen gadget is the Chefsteps Joules Sous Vide cooker…I’m really getting into smart cooking. Again, like the Bamix, it’s so tiny and powerful and easy. But you’ll find tiny little foodie gifts here too, from budget to designer… the essentials, the chef tools, and the totally innovative.


Little essentials to make cooking easier – for anyone all the way from cook to chef

Really useful presentation tools for plating up

Storage solutions that really make your food last longer.

Not necessary, but so useful ! (Handy little stocking fillers!)

Perfect for the home baker

Basic and brilliant knives we love to use

Professionial tools we use

We want one of these ourselves

Pretty and oh so usefulcups‘ 

For our students and seniors

We just love Joseph Joseph

Email subscribers secret gift giver section

There’s a lot still to cover. I’m so curious about the Instant pot ! Which do you prefer ? That, or a slow cooker , or even a thermomix ? And at the other end of the scale we ( Paul! ) will be sourcing the big ‘boys in the kitchen’ toys.

( p.s. if we see anything out of stock, we hide it from view for the moment so as not to disappoint you. )

Enough chat, let’s shop !

little essentials to make cooking easier

digital thermometer for meat and jam

Trusty digital thermometer

We use this a lot ( except when we use sous vide as it does it for us). Comes in many colours, so useful to know if your meat joint, or jam, chocolate, toffee… or even your coffee !  The link will take you to another top rated Lavatools version in the US and Canada. 

microplane micro grater

Microplane zester grater

I’ve decided, cooking is not so easy, or fun without this. So I bring it with me in my suitcase ! We use it for very finely grated lemon, lime, fluffy parmesan, minced garlic, nutmeg and ginger. Makes the parmesan so ‘fluffy’ and go so much further. Special !

high quality silicon baking mats

silicon baking mats

These are so useful, non-stick, and all chefs use them a lot !  (Yes we pack a few up for a trip away too ). No need for baking trays, parchment or foil to cook on.

These ones are the standard size, and great quality, but there are more options. Check what size you need for your oven. 

mini precision kitchen scales

Mini precision scales

For measuring very small quantities of things like bicarb of soda, concentrate essence… as well as big weighs ! Paul uses them for molecular cooking.

silicone topped plastic Oxo meat basting tool, with measurements

Basting tool

We do love Oxo tools ! We’re always tempted by stainless steel and you can get steel basters, but we like to be able to see whats inside here, and the measurements are so useful. Also the little notch so you can set it down without it dribbling ! And of course the heat safe silicone bulb,  and the tip can be removed to wash them out easily.  

best cooking tongs ( made from polyamide) for light cooking, by gastromax

Cooking tongs

We use this so often every day ! Its a great length ( 29 x 6 x 2cm ), easy to use with the thumb hold and ridges at the top and the polyamide material make it feel strong, yet flexible. Super for turning and lifting things like bacon, sausage, herbs, pasta, fruit and veggies – probably not strong enough for big steaks etc. Dishwasher safe, and can withstand heats up to 260 ºc / 509°F.  Had forgotten how cheap they were too ! 

really useful tools for plating up

kitchen tweezers for plating up

Precision tweezers

A plating up tool for the foodie who likes a beautiful plate. These tweezers will be perfect for precise control to lift and delicately place food on the plate. 

squeezy squirt bottles for sauces and condiments

Squeezy squirty bottles

Great for presenting sauces, holding home made condiments. So easy to paint on a plate. We use these all the time, as do restaurants. 

plate art pen

Plate Art tool

Make pretty plate presentations with sauces and purées with this pen. It even has an ink well – wel a sauce well I mean.  The  small pen for drawing thin lines, and a bigger one for tick lines and dots. I’m torn between this cheaper ( and it’s so cheap !) plastic handled one because it should be more non-slip – and the beautiful stainless steel chef style version. 

Make your fresh food last longer

banana bag

Banana Bag

This really works ! Keeps bananas fresh for weeks in the fridge. We use it all the time, although now we’re in the Canaries, the  bananas are so delicious they get eaten fast anyway.

banana bag

Mesh Bags

A must have ! Multi-functional, clean, easy, organic… cotton & linen. Use them for everything – even for shopping. Love it.

tall pop-up cake cover

Extra tall cake cover

Perfect for the Christmas panettone. We got this in the UK. In the US and Canada we take you to a set of these food covers instead. 

not necessary, but sooooo handy !

oxo dusting wand

Oxo dusting wand

So simple and easy to dust for presentation, or for surfaces when baking. I’ve even used it as a tea leaf holder !

fun drinks bracelet

Handy bracelet flask

A bit of fun, and a great stocking filler. Holds 100ml, so I guess okay for travelling by plane and hands free too.  Carries water too ! P.S. We don’t have one of these … yet.

Perfect for the home baker

cookie or biscuit cutter and stamp set, with the stencil "100% home made"

cookie stamp

What a lovely way to finish off your home made biscuits. Great for presentation at home, or when giving as a gift. 

Makes them much more tempting to eat  – they’re better for you when they’re home-made, right !

silicon mini cake moulds for soap, muffins, chocolate and more

silicon baking moulds

These are also so useful, and the shape makes your work look more professional !  Use them for mini cakes, muffins, bread, mousse, jelly, chocolate or even soap making ! Use your imagination. We use them also for storing making little blocks of leftovers in the freezer too. We’ll take you to a different supplier in America.

Bamix Baking set

Bamix Baking Set

This is real treat for some lucky baker ! It’s the luxury Bamix Superbox hand blender set with all the blades, accessories, and attachments including the big processor. Such a minimalist and high quality feel to this Swiss designed machine. It’s top notch, lasts a lifetime ( people say 40 yrs it’s so good), and even has a warranty of 10 years ! oh, and a recipe booklet is also included but you’ll see them demonstrating new recipes all the time on facebook and Instagram.

Basic but brilliant knives we use.

practical chef's knives

Chefs knife set

Nicely balanced knives. People look so hard and spend so much on knives, but these have never failed us. So we brought them with us ! Apart from these, we add some little kitchen devils for completion,

magnetic knife strip holder

Magnetic knife strip

We kept this too but it’s still in an attic waiting… So handy to just pop the knives on the strip. Put it on the wall so it doesn’t take up counter space. It doesn’t have to be this one for you… choose the right look and size for your knives and wall.

brilliant serrated bread knife

Wusthof breadknife

Wusthof is a top brand, from the famous knife-making part of Germany. Everyone needs a great serrated knife, and we don’t just use it for bread ! Pop over to our ‘How to spatchcock a chicken‘ post and see Paul using it there. 

The 3 small professional grade tools we love using most

bamix swissline colorline hand blender

Bamix Swissline set

Our favourite professional level hand blender. We use it every day. It’s just BRILLIANT ! It lasts forever – people say 40 years and is so simple and strong. You can blend in a crystal glass or in a pan of boiling jam. The chopping bowl also grinds and pulverizes so you can get so creative. I use it ever day. The SliceSy accessory is on my own wishlist ;).

Chefsteps Joule white sous vide machine

Sous Vide tool

Smart cooking simplified. Use this for the perfect steak, eggs, pickles… almost anything ! Easy, scientific cooking, restaurant style. It just makes it better. We bought it, use it , love it !

bron stainless steel professional level kitchen mandoline

Bron Mandoline

This is the one we have. It’s a classic !  Stainless steel, and made in France ! It’s built for professionals but used at home by lots of keen cooks like ourselves. It can slice, julienne, chip, waffle, and ripple cut as thick or thin as you need. When you buy it, *** make sure you get the safety guard…or buy it separately !!!  and maybe some steel protection gloves if you’re a beginner.***

It’s the most expensive mandoline we recommend, but Paul has picked out a really good lower priced one (click here to see it on Amazon UK ) for you too !

Our own wishlist… wouldn’t mind one of these !

coravin fine needle corkscrew

Coravin Corkscrew

If you love fine wine, you’ll need one of these. We had the luxury of seeing how this works when we were treated to a vintage port tasting by a friend in Oporto, Portugal last year… very impressive !  Without that we wouldn’t have had such an amazing treat.

It leaves the cork in whilst a needle very finely extracts the wine, or port or whatever fine corked vintage you want to preserve. So you don’t need an excuse any more to open that bottle of wine !

cheese and meats serving board

Cheese and Charcuterie board

This board has a place for everything. No need to search for lots of crockery and cutlery to serve at the end of a meal – it’s already prepared for you. Great if, like us, you like to entertain others, or yourselves ! 

cheese and meats serving board

Hestan Cue portable, smart cooking system

It’s a smart induction burner cooktop,  with an 11-Inch smart frying pan, and it comes with a recipe app for your phone / ipad ( Bluetooth-Enabled ) with resipes and step by step instructions ! So easy for perfect cooking, learning recipes and even learning more about the science of cooking.

It monitors and controls the cooking temperature precisely and evenly to ensure perfect results. So it can be used by children (supervised ) upwards ! recipes from quick & easy to chef’s video guided recipes. 

pretty and useful cups for hand blending in, drinking from, and storing !

triple walled vacuum , insulated stainless steel food jars

Triple walled vacuum, insulated stainless steel food jars

Apart from being gorgeous, we love these for the colours ,the smooth quality, and the fact that we could blend our soups or smoothies straight into the jar ! This is on our wish list !

commercial grade steel malt cups for smoothies

Malt cups !

These are so useful. You can use them to blend your smoothies, make cocktails etc. Drink straight from the cup – very ’50s. We found these when we discovered it was one of the most popular things people buy when they get a Bamix hand blender – the base is nice and wide to fit a blender end into. (3.8 ” base, 30 oz capacity)

wide mouth mason jars for hand blending in , sous vide cooking, canning, freezing etc

Mason Jars

These are so useful. 6 Wide Mouth Mason Jars (500ml / 16 oz ) with Airtight lids and Bands. Great for storing dried beans and spices. Perfect for sous vide,  canning, pickling, preserving and fermenting fruits & veggies for up to 18 mths. Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe. Has a lovely label line for writing dates & contents. We like the wide mouth ones so you can get your hand blender or big ladles in ! The lid has a special dull sound so you can test if it’s sealed fully. Also a gorgeous vintage decorative look so you can have them on an open shelf… as a wee flower vase, or for putting gifts in ! Use it for anything – your overnight oats, cocktails, smoothies, desserts, salads etc. 

Great for students, seniors, or starter cooks

Whether you’re starting out on your own, or wanting to simplify, these inexpensive tools will take you a long way in your cooking adventures. 

russell hobbs hand blender

Hand blender

the best starter hand blender to get, for blending soups mostly. Such a bargain price too – how can they even make it for that  !

cheap rice cooker for the microwave

Sistema rice cooker

No more burning the rice, and the pan ! Perfect for cooking fluffy rice or grains, and even for pasta and veggies. It works like a steamer in the microwave. One user even report cooking their fish with vegetables in it ! 

Griddle and oven and everything pan with lid

The Whatever Pan

The best griddle pan we’ve seen. It can go in the oven easily, has a lid, and is nice and deep. And don’t you love the name. 

Don’t forget to also order the silicon handle covers as well,  because the handles can get really hot ! That’s the only downside. You’ll usually find the red handles in the ‘frequently bought together’ section.


We love Joseph Joseph

We love the design, that ideas they come up with, and the gorgeous soft matt finish, not to mention all the subtle and bright colourways. Click through below to find your favourite colours and products. We also love the cut and carve chopping board and the salt and pepper sets !

rice cooker for the microwave, can cook lots in it, grains, pasta, veg

Microwave rice cooker & more

Perfect for cooking fluffy rice or grains. Users even report cooking pasta and lots more in it ! Well designed. Prepare, cook and serve in one stylish dish.

nest of preparation bowls and cups

Food bowls & cups nest

Comes in different colourways, we got the 9 piece multicolour set as a gift from family and love it. So useful, it has a 4.5 Litre mixing bowl, 3 Litre colander, 1.65 Litre sieve, 0.5 Litre mixing bowl, and five measuring cups. Also a handy non slip base and carry handles. 

cool microwave popcorn maker

Microwave popcorn maker

Heat resistant silicone with a cute and handy folding lid. We love popcorn as a healthy snack, and you don’t need any oil or butter to cook these in a microwave with these. They’re also single serve size ( there’s a guide inside for40 g / 1.5 Oz), so you won’t overdo the popcorn between meals !  

Secret Shopper section

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secret shopper no. 4

Bamix babyline, in white with silver buttons with white curly cable

Message to the buyer… 

The actual package you’re looking for seems to be out of stock everywhere in the Uk and I can only see the European version in Germany, Spain etc. I have found it in one place in another country where it looks like you can choose a UK plug version,  and have emailed the link to you. I’m not affiliated to that website so haven’t got experience of how they work so I can’t recommend it directly as a full solution.

But read on !

As well as Amazon, I’m also an affiliate with Bol in the Netherlands – it’s out of stock there but they will inform when it comes in – that might give an indication of when it will be back in the UK. I’ll let you know.

And there’s more !

The other thing to bear in mind is that you’re getting a packaged up item here with the Babyline, but actually the hand blender is a Bamix 200W so you can also get this by looking for these ones on Amazon too… (double check all listings incase the advertiser states differently. )
Colorline, Swissline, Jamie Oliver, BBQ, Baking, Superbox.

I checked these out for you. I did find an all black swissline version incase black works as well as white for you ! Also a white Superbox with black buttons & cable.

The most suitable set that’s available now though is the baking set with a cream blender body ( rather than white)  with silver buttons but with white & silver accessories. Essentially this set is  the Bamix superbox set, so you get one more blade, the powder disk which I can’t do without, and the sliceSy which I wish I had, and more beakers I think) and I assume the cable is curly and white but it’s not showing it. It comes with a nice white stand too !

Just click the Linda button below and it will take you to the closest match to what you need as far as I can see – white superbox. It’s more than you get with the babyline so will cost more but I’m sure you won’t regret it. I wish I had to get that one !

Secret shopper no. 3

Food processor with blender

Message to the buyer… 

cheapest Option 1:  click here

Option 2: click here

Option 3: click here

option 4: click here

option 5a: click here

most expensive option 5b: click here  

Here’s my thoughts.

Option 1 and 2 are good entry level models… similar prices but option 2 has a much better user rating.

Option 3 is just a little more expensive and a good rating – has always been on reviewers short list

Option 4 I hadn’t know too much about before but it is MY CURRENT favourite for high user rating and value for money

Option 5 has always been the bees knees, classic and amazing. Option 5a has been a winner for years, option 5b is the latest bigger version which is even better, but usually much more expensive. I’ve included this red version I found for you as the price is well reduced so check it out too.


Secret shopper no. 2

Griddle pan

Message to the buyer… don’t forget to get the silicon protection handles too, they don’t come included with the pan !

Just click on the picture to see it on Amazon – choose the country you are based in (Amazon UK), and add the Whatever Pan to your shopping basket. 


Don’t forget to get the silicon handles – you’ll find them usually in the ‘frequently bought together’ line on Amazon. Or, when you have bought your pan, and popped it in your Amazon shopping basket, put this code B082N55Y17 into the Amazon search bar and buy the handles too !


whatever griddle pan with lid and silicon protection handles

Secret shopper no. 1

Fry & Casserole pan

Message to the buyer… buy either of these two pans below.

Just click on the picture to see it on Amazon – choose the country you are based in.

How to choose ?… Check the size is right, do you want it to be deep or wide ?


She’d love this little second gift once you have popped this into the shopping basket. The order of buying is important 😉

So, when you have bought your pan, and popped it in your Amazon shopping basket, put this code B07YSVMVXL into the Amazon search bar and buy her the box of Carluccio chocolate covered orange peel too. She’d just love this extra little treat !

Anolon casserole pan


circulon casserole pan


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Affiliate disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

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Affiliate disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

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