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Paris, Brittany, Toulouse, Provence, Auvergne

For all of my teenage years, I spent a few months each year touring France with my family. As a big family we didn’t eat out much but we explored the food and drink in every possible other way in each region, always touring the hypermarkets and food markets. We made many friends, and ate with, or like the locals. I love to speak French, and worked for a French company for many years so frequent trips to the Nice area and Paris eating ‘for business’ ! Since Paul and I got together, Paris became a favourite romantic bolt-hole, and family summers were either spent there or on the south coast with friends near St. Tropez. Both very different to the rest of France. We’ve toured pretty much everywhere but regions like Brittany, Provence, Burgundy and the Auvergne all featured heavily. Wonderful memories from wine region and food tours. Wow, I I hadn’t realised how much French influence we had. French friends, Aupairs, parties, Taizé, weddings and holidays… we have so many reasons to love this country and it’s food. Can’t wait to share. We would celebrate our wedding anniversary in the UK each year at the Manoir aux Quatre Saisons, and when Raymond Blanc decided to open a cooking school, Paul got a course ( and I got to stay ;) every year till we left for new adventure in Hong Kong. After that, we would just return to the Manoir to experience the wonderful restaurant, house and vegetable gardens. It holds a special place in our hearts.



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