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We've been both the hospitality supplier and keen foodie guest so when you're planning to travel...
let us help you find your way.

"We loved meeting the needs of our foodie guests, and to be honest we're missing that, so here we are again!"

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We owned the top foodie boutique spa hotel, restaurant, and cooking course in Marrakech for 10 years and we understand how important it is to experience other cultures through its food. It's the absolute best way to take you straight into local living.

Since we know how both the travel and hospitality business works behind the scenes so we can read between the lines of what is being marketed to you online to you. So there will be a good reason why we want to showcase each place, course, or person we show you.

 1. where to stay

wide mouth mason jars for hand blending in , sous vide cooking, canning, freezing etc
Hotels; Overnight stops; Friendly BnBs; Agro tourismos; Quirky places.

We’ll take you to the best places to stay, people we have a connection with, and new finds that just resonate with our values.

staying in a foodie place is the best…

You know their top priorities are food, and you! You’ll also want to know what to eat & drink in the local area too. But you probably know that hotel staff recommendations aren’t always the best for the guest unless the owner/manager is on top of it all the time.

However, the best and most authentic places should tell you the dishes to try and the places to eat and drink when you’re out and about.

2. Where to eat out

wide mouth mason jars for hand blending in , sous vide cooking, canning, freezing etc
Restaurants; Cafes; Bars; off road bistros; Picnic spots.

We’ll test these out when we visit the area… (tough job but someone’s got to do it ;)

local food culture…

We’ll give you a list of our favourite places to eat from posh nosh to street food. And maybe some places to picnic with your stash of yummy local market foods!

In Italy, food is so important that we’ve had some of the best coffee and meals even at motorway service stations. In France, our favourite restaurant is just off the motorway. 

We’ll also blog post favourite recipes we’ve tried and tips we’ve learned.

3. what food to try

wide mouth mason jars for hand blending in , sous vide cooking, canning, freezing etc
Local foods & customs; Food tours; Cooking courses; Markets & shops.

Cooking or sharing a meal, is one of the best ways to meet local people (and other travellers), and learn about the culture.

Spend time with the experts…

The markets, and the local cooks and chefs can help you can understand the staple foods of the country and seasonal foods of the region.  Learn the most commonly used ingredients (and why!)

Then show your friends at home what you can do, and even take it one exciting step further by fusing it with what you know already from your own country.

   Which countries we will be travelling and live in during 2024

Right now…. we’re in Umbria, Italy for the Springtime. Having traveled through Spain and France to get here. This year, for summer… we will go up through Italy, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and stay in the Netherlands with visits to the UK & Ireland, with a little trip to Denmark and Finland hopefully! Then for winter… we will travel down through France on. slightly different route, stay for longer in the Basque area and down through Spain ending in the Canary Islands where we hope to stay at  nice temperature for the winter.

As we continue to explore life through food and drink mostly, everywhere we go. We’ll bring you the best opportunities to travel and experience the most authentic foods around the world. We´ll show you the best people, places and companies to use.

So here’s the deal… 

Maybe we’ll bump into you as we travel… but we can’t be in every bar, in every town, in every day. So we need you to be our sharp eyes and ears on the ground too!

All we ask is that you keep giving us your feedback in the comments or by email so that we can keep on top of it too. And why not write a google or tripadvisor review for the businesses you visit. Thank-you.

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Eggs can be the most difficult things to cook well, and I feel this image represents all the emotions from cook to chef. Makes us giggle.
Thank-you to Tengyart from Russia for this sad to mad eggs image.