Boody bamboo top

my favourite, super comfy, flatter top

Actually I´m so sad I lost this at the airport during our travels. It´s super comfy and flattering. No seams, soft and stretchy and not too thick at all. Seems to keep me warm in the cold and still so easy to wear in the heat when I can´t wear any other long sleeve tops. Must be how bamboo works I guess. I bought mine originally in a cute Surrey boutique and then not too long ago I saw the same make recommended on mumsnet for their seamless bra ( I must check out the underwear too). So I made a mental note to search it out as it’s one of those things that makes me feeeel great. A real ´live more´item to go in the case. I´ve only found it in the UK for you, but also found one that I love the look of on BOL for our Belgian & Dutch readers. 

Enjoy !


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