Blisscare One

These items are inspired by the results I got personally. I´m listing them here for a few friends (J, B, M… you know who you are :). I’m not a medical expert so I can’t recommend it for anyone else. We´re all different so you have to always seek your own medical advice and do what they say, not what I do !

I only see them available in the UK Europe, so I’ll take you through to the natural medicine I was told to take for a soft hip bone for 3 months and I feel amazing. I’m getting a bone density text next to see how old my bones are now  ( update – everything is back to normal again yay!!)  Now I’m no medical expert so this is not a recommendation for you.  Look at the ingredients, and if it’s of interest, always seek medical advice before you buy any health products. I’m just finished mine and now I see that Amazon have started stocking it, so I had to share it with you ! By the way,  I told my specialist that these made me a little nauseous sometimes for about 10 mins after taking the powder. So she recommended taking the tablet form next time, the the Bliss Colágeno.

In the US, Canada and Australia , I don´t want to leave you out here so I will take you though to a crystal deodorant like the one I use. It’s aluminium free and feels like it will last for a very long time !


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