…begins at home.

We’ll put 10% of our marketplace profit here towards helping reduce child food poverty.


Food poverty is, sadly, a huge problem in the UK… right now. Unbelievable I know. But thankfully community initiatives are happening around the world to get healthy food and cooking know how to hungry children.

We realise how blessed we all are to be able to even buy second hand kitchenware when so many others don’t even have access to real food, or have the time, tools or know how to cook it into a tasty meal for the children. We want to support them from afar.

It may seem small, but it can grow. 

We are big believers in Kaizen. So we’re starting today, in our little way. If every one of us does something to help increase the awareness, and contribute even indirectly, surely it can only help.


We’ll work with the experts.

We’re mobile, on an island, so we’re looking for people on the ground that are motivated and making a difference. Catering companies like Can Cook in the N. Wales & Merseyside region caught our attention. We think they have the right can cook / well fed attitude to feed everyone good, fresh food ! They’ve been running successful campaigns to tackle food poverty in their area for many years now, and their slogan is Our meals change lives“.

We love that !

Right now, during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, they’re giving slow cooker bags with the ingredients and recipe for families to make a hearty healthy meal themselves. 

One slow cooker at a time.

best basic slow cooker


We’ll donate 10% of our profits here. Every little bit helps. You can see all the listings here, or learn how to enter your own item for sale here.  And if you want to more, to help directly you can also buy a new basic slow cooker. 

***We’re working on the best product link to it for you, and the Can Cook warehouse address in N.Wales ( Well-fed at home campaign, Can Cook Ltd…..tbc ). In the mean-time, check it out, and if you can keep it your shopping basket for now ! 

 About Can Cook

This is all so new that we’ve only had initial conversations with them and now it’s the weekend ! We want to be sure of the right address for the cookers, so keep them in your basket for now. Meanwhile, I hope they won’t mind us blowing their trumpet here. Just so you know more about them, this is what they say they’re about on their website. You can also follow their campaign on twitter @CanCookKitchen.


“We are a fresh food business, providing catering services services to nurseries and early years settings, schools and residential homes throughout Merseyside. With a wide range of delicious meals to choose from, we take pride in providing catering services that only use good, fresh ingredients – free from artificial additives and preservatives…

In addition to providing delicious, fresh meals, packed full of goodness and nutrition, we use ingredients from local producers where possible, pay all of our staff a minimum of Real Living Wage, and use every single sale we make to fight food poverty, here in Liverpool and now across Flintshire, North Wales through our Share Your Lunch campaign.

Our message is – When you buy delicious food from us, you help to provide the same food to families in need in the Liverpool City Region and across parts of North Wales.”

They’ve had a very successful Share your lunch campaign some years ago and this quote caught our attention. 

Robbie Davison, Director of Can Cook said:
“It is shocking that in Liverpool alone, 60,000 people are living in food poverty – this includes 33% of children in Liverpool. Numbers are climbing and action needs to be taken!”

Shocking, I wonder what the numbers are now. Let’s all get involved, and help each other, from cook to chef style !