Foodie, glorious foodie gifts in the U.K.

Last updated Jun 26, 2019 at 3:23PM | Published on Dec 17, 2018

Kenwood HDP406 hand blender set. Voted one of our best hand blenders to buy in 2018

things we love, for birthdays, Christmas… any occasion.

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A gift isn’t just for a named day, it’s for anytime you feel like it. That’s how we live anyway !  But Christmas  has inspired us to start this page of things we like and believe in. Lo and behold Aoibheann received a gift (off this page) from Paul. Do comment if there is something foodie you think we should look at,  and maybe we could add a secret followers section for you to share with your loved ones too.

We’ve checked these goodies out on  Amazon UK (Amazon US coming soon…), so just click through before they run out or delivery stops for your own deadline.  Our most favourite latest kitchen gadget is the Chefsteps Joules Sous Vide cooker…again, like the Bamix, it’s so tiny and powerful and easy. If you want one in the U.S. click over to Amazon here , and for Amazon Australia click here 


Something for everyone

From food, drink, fun foodie based gifts, and some serious presents that will keep on giving for the foodies in your life ( including you! )

Its not all strictly food based… there’s a great bangle to hide those ugly hairbands I use to tie my hair up when cooking ( could do with one or those Paul ).   We will keep editing as we come across more great ideas. 

You’ll find the best Grand Marnier Pannetone and a nice portable tall cake cover for it.  An easy cold brew coffee maker, a fabulous air fryer for roasting and baking, the Coravin fine wine system that leaves the cork in whilst a needle very finely extracts the wine or port or whatever fine corked vintage you want to preserve. The Bamix Swissline as you know is our absolute favourite. The SliceSy I haven’t got yet ;). Raw chocolate is something we are getting into, so there’s a perfect gift start-up package for healthy chocolate lovers in there too.

Ok its not all about us and our lifestyle either… there’s an irresistible carrot bangle baby teether in there for responsible parents and grandparents to buy too. Enjoy.

check out your own ideas here too


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