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Affiliate Disclosure : As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

Things we love to give, or receive… 

Kenwood HDP406 hand blender set. Voted one of our best hand blenders to buy in 2018

just saying !


for birthdays, Christmas, sales days… any day !


A gift isn’t just for a named day, it’s for anytime you feel like it. That’s how we live anyway !  and it has inspired us to share with you, the things we like, use and believe in, or just think are a bit of fun.

It’s a good reminder page for us too, and lo and behold it works. I received a gift ( the Chefsteps Joule sous vide machine… off this page ) from Paul.

Do comment or email us if there is something foodie you think we should look at.  Maybe we could add an ‘I want one of those’ followers section so you can share it with your loved ones too !

squeezy squirt bottles for sauces and condiments

Squeezy squirty bottles

Great for presenting sauces, holding home made condiments. So easy to paint on a plate. We use these all the time, as do restaurants. 

oxo dusting wand

Oxo dusting wand

So simple and easy to dust for presentation, or for surfaces when baking. I’ve even used it as a tea leaf holder !

microplane micro grater

Micro plane grater

We use it for very finely grated lemon, parmesan, and ginger. Makes the parmesan so ‘fluffy’ and go so much further. Special !

kitchen tweezers for plating up

Precision tweezers

A plating up tool for the foodie who likes a beautiful plate. These tweezers will be perfect for precise control to lift and delicately place food on the plate. 

mini precision kitchen scales

Mini precision scales

For measuring very small quantities of things like bicarb of soda, concentrate essence… as well as big weighs ! Paul uses them for molecular cooking.

digital thermometer for meat and jam

Trusty digital thermometer

We use this a lot ( except when we use sous vide as it does it for us). Comes in many colours, so useful to know if your meat joint, or jam, chocolate, toffee… or even your coffee !  The link will take you to another top rated Lavatools version in the US and Canada. 

high quality silicon baking mats

silicon baking mats

These are so useful, we use them a lot !  These ones are the standard size, and great quality, but there are more options. Check what size you need for your oven. 

fun drinks bracelet

Handy bracelet flask

A bit of fun, a great stocking filler. Holds 100ml, so okay for travelling by plane ! Carries water too !

banana bag

Banana Bag

This really works ! Keeps bananas fresh for weeks in the fridge. We use it all the time, although now we’re in the Canaries, the  bananas are so delicious they get eaten fast anyway.

tall pop-up cake cover

Extra tall cake cover

Perfect for the Christmas panettone. We got this in the UK. In the US and Canada we take you to a set of these food covers instead. 

practical chef's knives

Chefs knife set

Nicely balanced knives. People look so hard and spend so much on knives, but these have never failed us. So we brought them with us ! Apart from these, we add some little kitchen devils for completion,

magnetic knife strip holder

Magnetic knife strip

We kept this too but it’s still in an attic waiting… So handy to just pop the knives on the strip. Put it on the wall so it doesn’t take up counter space. It doesn’t have to be this one for you… choose the right look and size for your knives and wall.

magnetic knife strip holder

Circulon chef pan

Every day pans from cook to chef ! We have always used Circulon or Anolon and love them. This one is so useful !

bamix swissline colorline hand blender

Bamix Swissline set

Our favourite professional level hand blender. We use it every day. It’s just BRILLIANT !

Chefsteps Joule white sous vide machine

Sous Vide tool

Smart cooking simplified. Use this for the perfect steak, eggs, pickles… almost anything ! Easy, scientific cooking, restaurant style. It just makes it better. We bought it, use it , love it !

coravin fine needle corkscrew

Coravin Corkscrew

If you love fine wine, you’ll need one of these. We had the luxury of seeing how this works when we were treated to a vintage port tasting… very impressive !

Griddle and oven and everything pan with lid

The Whatever Pan

The best griddle pan we’ve seen. It can go in the oven easily, has a lid, and is nice and deep. And don’t you love the name !

triple walled vacuum , insulated stainless steel food jars

Triple walled vacuum, insulated stainless steel food jars

Apart from being gorgeous, we love these for the colours ,the smooth quality, and the fact that we could blend our soups or smoothies straight into the jar ! This is on our wish list !

malt cups for smoothies

Malt cups !

These are so useful. You can use them to blend your smoothies, make cocktails etc. Drink straight from the cup – very ’50s. We found these when we discovered it was one of the most popular things people visiting our blog go and buy ! 

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affiliate disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

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