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Affiliate Disclosure : As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

flash sale alert

Click the pic to see if it’s available in your country.

Recipe cookbook ebook

Yes, its a digital cookbook, so if you’re a self confessed luddite you might be tempted to disappear right now… but this is your chance to start  !

This latest one by Diane Henry is so inspiring… click here for fast access.

It’s a flash sale ending 30 November… so don’t delay.

I love 99p books –  that’s the ones I look for most. I’ll take you through to the latest one I bought. If you’re reading this post after the  – click through anyway and see. It might still be cheap, or have a browse and you might find another that is ! In the US/Canada/Australia, I take you through to her more recent book ‘From the Oven to the Table’. Good luck !


I bought mine

Click on the kindle edition (you don’t need to have a separate kindle pad any more – yay! ) . So I bought mine, and honestly, it’s so brilliant, I’ve been able to have two really tasty meals already from it today.

SO many simple, fast little dishes as well as a comprehensive round up of dishes from all over the world. She even makes several meals based on toast ! Everything from savoury to sweet seems to be covered.

What I love is finding new complimenting ingredients, I’m already learning fast how to put together some new flavours . I had Turkish eggs “menemen” with a luscious feta and greek yoghurt topping for dinner ! Probably because lunch was so filling.

For lunch… I had a big half of a cooked sweet potato to use up, and half a tin of coconut milk, and half tin tomatoes so I used the spices from the “indian sweet potatoes with chickpeas & coconut” as inspiration and replaced the chickpeas with some risotto rice. I didn’t have all the ingredients but the spice mix was utterly delicious and I ended up with a curry risotto I’ll be repeating for sure !

It really is what she states on the book cover. SIMPLE effortless food, big flavours.


How it works to order it.

A heads up…how it works can vary country to country. Sometimes I find that if your country just shows the hard back version when you click through, just go ahead and click further through anyway and see the kindle or ebook listed with it. That’s where I get my best deals, and I don’t even have a kindle to read it !


How it works to read it.

You don’t need to buy a ‘kindle’ to buy or read it. When you’re logged into your amazon account on a desktop computer, just click the “read now” button and Amazon kindly opens up a new window for you to read it like a document / pdf. ( I believe you can actually convert it to a pdf also – but you don’t need to. I will save that for another post in the tips section of the blog.)

On an iphone or iPad, Amazon takes you to the App store to download the free kindle reader ! So in a matter of seconds you have a kindle to read your own library of Amazon ebook wherever you go. Makes it handy to know what ingredients to buy when I’m out and about !


oh crikey, I just bought another – being Irish I had to ! Darina Allen ‘Forgotten Skills of Cooking”.  Check it out when you’re in there too. 

Other books I’ve bought so far.

… and can access on my phone so easily now !

Indian Kitchen: Secrets of Indian home cooking


I follow this lovely lady on Insta, and I love the way she cooks.


This is her first book and it has some amazing reviews already… from Jamie Oliver, and Yotam Ottolenghi no less ! 


One of the reasons I bought this was to make more authentic home cooked foods and spice mixes.

I love the little tips she gives at the end of a section. Right now I’m on

garam masala making

green apple and fennal raita

and Indian cold coffee ! 

I bought mine. Now I see it’s gone up a bit – but still a bargain.


Hairy Biker’s One pot wonders

oooh, I’m licking my lips already… here’s what I’m seeing to start with…

Full English break Shakshuka

Red onion and beetroot tarte tatin

Savoury Dutch pancake

Quick prawn laksa

Tomato & Watermelon gazpacho

Lots of nice frittatas to try … so many summer soups and salads…

And I haven’t even got to the big list of tray bakes yet !

There are so many brilliantly easy and interesting recipes in this book. 

I bought mine. Just click the button below, and if the deal has changed then look at the full list for these chefs ( and for then others) . After I got my one pot wonders, I looked again and saw the diet book on a deal, then saw a Ballymaloe cookery school book but I forgot to buy it and missed out as the price on that one has gone back up… booo ! 

(I’ve linked to as many countries as I can for you. Just choose your country and click on through.)

So don’t delay to see if the flash sale is still on and what price it gives you right now ! Don’t be put off, there will be others on sale so grab a coffee and get your best deal today. Treat yourself !


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Affiliate disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

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