Coloured hand blenders – red, white, or pink ?

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? Which hand blender colour is your favourite ?



Our top choices for the best hand blenders to buy are all available in white, except the Bamix gastro 200 and 350 ( only a light grey or black), and the Braun MQ 9087x (black and silver). The Bamix SwissLine and Superbox winners are also available in many other colours.





If it´s white, you are in luck because practically every company sells a classic white model. Bamix Classic or Superbox, Moulinex, Morphy Richards, Bosch, Tefal, Russell Hobs, and Breville… to mention just a few of the top names alone. Given that their basic models also tend to come in a cheap plastic, white is often the colour they choose most often!


Bamix BabyLine Box hand blender set    Bamix baking box hand blender set


Bamix Baking Box, and Babyline hand blender sets come in white.


Kenwood KMix triblade hand blender








The Kenwood KMIX triblade hand blender set comes in white, or cream ( or red or black !).


The Russell Hobbs 22241white (WH22241) hand blender. One of our best hand blender buys for 2018


The Russell Hobbs 22241 got our vote for the best white back to basics model – it only comes in white.




After stainless steel, I’d say this is our own next favourite kitchen accessory colour. Again it is provided in many, but not all brands.

Bamix mono hand blender in red, black, white The entry level Bamix mono hand held food processor set comes in red, black, white. Bamix, the brand that won our best professional model, (incorporating the Swiss flag of course). (On Amazon USA, it is the Bamix Bar mix set , on Australian Amazon it is the Bamix Mono).

Red Bamix Superbox set with the ultimate complete set of Bamix Swissline plus every other accessor and attachment that Bamix make Bamix Superbox, also available as a lovely red Swissline on Amazon UK.

kitchenaid 5 speed hand blender set KitchenAid 5 speed hand blender set comes in this imperial red. In fact, Kitchenaid feature a whole range of their kitchen products in red, to match their immersion blender. They sell both electric and cordless models in this favourite colour, and also had a Queen of hearts bright red anniversary edition in 2018.

Russell Hobbs, Bosch and Morphy Richards also feature a red version, and the latest addition to the party here with its beautiful curvy 50’s retro 700W model is  Smeg, seen here on Amazon UK.



You get two colour choices in one category here!  Light (a paler baby pink)  or dark (usually raspberry pink). We love both of these. Bamix Colorline is essentially the Swissline range but with 18 different colours – baby pink is one. There’s a company called Emperial that does a baby pink 3 in 1 juicer, blender, mixer, very inexpensive on amazon! It’s probably aimed at the ‘my first blender’ girly market. There are also a lot of little cheap pink mini frothers around.

The Taurus Robot 500 (click that red text link to check it out on Amazon in the UK. ) does a nice job of white with bright pink accents. Cuisinart of course stock pink – they are the colour queens after all (see ** note below) ! Not many Cuisinart hand blenders are available in the UK, but in the USA you can see the pink ones on Amazon here.  In Australia, on Amazon, you can buy the pretty Excelvan set hereBosch also show a dark pink model.

Other Colours… or no colour


After red, white, and pink, it is black (UK link for Amazon) and silver that are the next most popular.

Best braun 3 in 1 , 4 in 1 entry level hand blender set

Braun have many great black models including this well priced MQ 735 sauce model, and the entry level MQ 505 or MQ 520 .

Stainless steel is the best silver to have of course and you will find that mostly on the more commercial models, but Dualit also do a good looking and easy to hold 700W hand blender with a high end plastic finish that mimics the look of chrome. (UK Amazon only)


Vintage retro hand blender colours


Finally, the other popular colours seem to be designed for the retro vintage look blenders. They come in cream by Smeg and Kitchenaid, and pastels of blue and green by Smeg, Russell Hobbs, Swan, and Breville.

smeg immersion blender


Which hand blender brand has the most colours now ?

Globally, it looks like Bamix are the leaders now in the range of colours they offer. It used to be Cuisinart from the U.S. that had a mighty range of 17 colours between their smartstick CB-75 and 76 ranges, but now it looks like they have cut back to just five (white, red, metallic red, brushed chrome, and pink blenders).


We’d like to keep up with your favourites too, so let us know in the comments below which is your favourite colour for kitchen accessories at the moment?



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Affiliate disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

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