How to store onions, and garlic

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how to store your onions and garlic

Not the prettiest of pictures eh, but it’s real life here.


Know your onions !

There’s a reason why they sell onions and garlic and citrus fruits in nets like this.
A lot of us snip the nets and pop them in the fridge … noooooo . It’s bad for the onions, bad for the fridge.


Just like granny would have done…

Hang them up, in a darker , cooler place, like the shed, a pantry etc.
Sadly, lots of people will have overbought food in this lockdown crisis ( apparently so in the U.K., Australia and USA… but not here in the canaries thank goodness) and I’d hate for any waste.

If you haven’t got nets, use old stockings and just tie a knot between each onion.

And use the softer onions, bruised ones, or sprouting ones first.
If they’re going off too fast then cut them up and put in the fridge, or best cook them up, pop them in the fridge or in portions in the freezer. That way they’ll last longer.

A tip for reducing the tears when cutting onions

Leave the onion in the fridge for about 30mins before chopping. Another tip is to run cold water over the inside of your wrists before chopping. That works for me. .

Ps By the way don’t store you potatoes and onions near each other. The onions emit a gas and moisture that can cause the potatoes to go off faster. .


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