How to store potatoes

and make them last even longer

Last updated Apr 19, 2020 at 12:48PM | Published on Mar 28, 2020

how to store potatoes

Making our food is especially important in these lockdown times of Covid-19


Potatoes and Apples

Store them together… apparently!
Even one apple with potatoes will do. Anyway I’m going to test this theory.
Apparently the gas that the apples let’s off stops the potatoes sprouting early and going bad.

Storing the potatoes in the fridge is a nono… apparently the cold turns the starch in the potato into sugar.

Using up old apples

Paul bought a huge bag of these apples rather than a few of our normal buy… and they’re not great. So I’ll need to weed out any bad ones and use them up quickly… seeing as only one apple will work with the potato storing that should be fine.

Apple sauce is a good way to save them. Just boil up the cored and chopped apples ( skin off if you prefer), add half to 1 lemon peel. Boil till soft. Blend with your hand blender, and add some sugar or sugar substitute if you want it a bit sweeter. Add a knob of butter to give it a ‘creamier’ taste ! Portion it ( i’ll use my muffin silicone tray) and freeze.
Re-use later as a #bakingingredient#dessertsauce#jam maker… #babyfood the list is endless.

By the way I’m keeping the bowl cool and dark. throw a tea-towel over the bowl for the dark bit.
Now… did the French know this when they called potatoes ‘pomme de terre’? as a bit of a reminder ?



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