How to make sure your food doesn’t stick to the pan

Simple and success cooking.

With a little help from science, you can make you own non stick pan !

Last updated Dec 1, 2020 at 7:09PM | Published on Mar 3, 2020

golden milk without coconut oil

We missed Pancakes last tuesday. I was all set to try an alternative healthy mix ( of course) and Paul was going to put his ‘everything works like a Yorkshire pudding’ mix together. Still neither of us had realised he ate all the eggs on Monday night !   Good thing we learned to let go a long time ago, and weren’t too upset last Tuesday morning ! We aren’t sticklers for time based events,  so we’ll get round to it.

Even missing the beginning of the year doesn’t bother me too much. I used to be so headstrong about deadlines but now that we are living a simple life, our focus is on living each moment, well. There’s only one deadline I can think of with respect to ‘living’ and I’m not wanting to rush toward that.

Cook better…


How to make sure your food doesn’t stick to the pan !

Did you make nice golden brown ones, or did they stick to the pan ? Paul is a much better cook than me and doesn’t ever worry about sticking to the pan, but we have inherited some non- sticky sticky frying pans here and it’s very easy to get it wrong. ( We miss our old reliable brand. )


That’s where my research comes in.

hand picked tiny juicy passion fruits

3 easy steps

Sure enough, there is a way to easily test when your frying pan is just ready to pop the pancake mix in so it doesn’t stick ? Click on the picture above to see our full post on the science behind it and more importantly…the 3 easy steps and tips to making the perfect pancake, tortilla etc. that will easily flip or slip right out of the pan.

Scientists love it and use the effect to make water go in all directions, even uphill. Chefs use it to make the food, just levitate above the pan’s surface so that it browns but doesn’t stick.

So, when I get round to doing the pancakes, I’ll be getting my batter ready first, then heat the pan up to Leidenfrost point, then I’ll pop my batter in – from a good height ! If you go high you’re more likely to be able to control the amount of batter and  get a nice round pancake.


Live more…


It’s nice to be reminded about pancakes on Pancake Tuesday but hey, don’t let anyone dictate when you can have pancakes ;) They’re great any time of any day, before or after Pancake Tuesday. We hope we get to have ours soon.

It’s nice to be reminded to live more too !

golden milk without coconut oil

I’m sure it will happen. Let’s see how it goes. How hard can it be…
This quote by Arnold H Glasow says it all. After all he published his first book at age 92 years !

Happy food levitating,
and living every moment as it comes.


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