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This makes a great snack, side salad, or light lunch ! Its such a great combination of flavours from sweet to salty, and the blended nuts give it a meatiness ( says Aoibheann… Paul still doesn’t get it when I say that!). The textures contrast from crunchy to chewy, and being ever practical.. the chinese lettuce leaf can even act as a wrap. Its not a new combination it seems, but we only came across this inspiration recently at our new favourite restaurant in Amsterdam ( see inspirations below).


Easy Tomato Salsa Dip

Update: August 2020. I’ve just come back to this post to see what I did for this yummy lunch because I had some corn and cheese and carrots etc and fancied something similar. I see I didn’t even post a picture way back when I started this blog and posted this recipe. So… zoom to the bottom to see today’s alternative version for now. It’s along the same lines so feel free to improvise yourself. When I see some chinese leaves and feta in the supremarket again and get back to having this one, I’ll be sure to take a picture ! TTFN, Aoibheann 



in your store cupboard: you could use tinned corn at a push but we just love fresh.

mise en place:  Grilled corn is even tastier and can be made in advance and stored in the fridge ready to use

serving suggestion: Serve with a spoon to eat, and … if you serve it up in a bowl with the soft leaf at the bottom so it can be used to scoop up the last spoonful into a wrap… or serve on a plate and use a whole leaf.. iceberg or chinese lettuce leaf as a wrap.

Servings : 2      |       Prep Time : 15 mins       |      Cooking  Time : 10 mins       |     Difficulty : 1/5

Kitchen tools

chopping boardsharp knife, corn cob spike, mixing bowl, grill or saucepan

Hand blender (chopper attachment optional)

Essential Ingredients

1 cob corn ( chargrilled or boiled)

feta cheese (about 50g)

2 leaves of Chinese lettuce

cayenne pepper

half small apple

half lime

handful of sunflower seeds

handful of walnuts


No sunflower seeds ?…try hemp or ground linseeds

No walnuts ?… substitute for almonds, but then change the fruity part from apple to cranberries, or raisons, or even beetroot.

Want more or different veggies ?…just keep adding with colour and texture and taste in mind e.g. red or yellow peppers for crunch and freshness and makes a good replacement for the crunchy Chinese leaf. Feels that edamame or broad beans could even replace the corn… we’ll try that out too! Beetroot will add another dimension here too and add to the gorgeous colour palate. Or, see what you have to use up in the fridge that could give you a combo of crunchy, spicy, earthy, cheesiness and have fun !  



 Step 1

If not made already then boil one cob of corn (10mins). In the meantime, roughly chop the crispy end of two Chinese leaves and put in bowl. Add the sunflower seeds, and some sprinkles of chilli ( I use Cayenne so the heat spreads easily when mixed).

Step 2

Use a hand blender to blend a handful of Walnuts and add to the bowl. Roughly blend half an eating apple and add to the bowl ( its nice to have some chunks of apple in there!

Step 3

Corn should be ready.. take it off and stand it up on a board using a corn spike or fork in the top to hold it still and not burn your fingers, use a knife to cut off the kernals. Careful they don’t skite all over the place. Add the corn to the bowl, squeeze half a lime into it and mix with a spoon.

Step 4

Line your two lunch bowls/plates with the softer end of the  Chinese leaves and scoop the half the corny mix onto each Chinese leaf

Step 5

sprinkle  / squeeze feta cheese crumbles all over the top   Enjoy!

source / inspiration


First of all.. about the picture.. sorry, we ate it so fast that no photo was taken. Oh well, we’ll have to make it again. YUM! (or “lekker” as they say here in Holland. We love this better picture by Charles Deluvio at Unsplash though… gets the healthy message across don’t you think.

We’ve often been inspired at veggie feta combinations and we like to add nuts and spice where we can to broaden the tastes. We were reminded about the beetroot feta combo at a family bbq (thanks Aine!). More recently, the chargrilled corn side dish at our new favourite Morgan and Mees restaurant in Amsterdam. Following that, we spotted gorgeous big fresh corn in the Ten Kate market nearby, so it was time to experiment. We’ve had a few variations and its always fab. So just play with the textures and colours and flavours and it’s bound to be a winner. What made this one different was the thick sauce like mixture made with the blending of the walnuts and apple ( Waldorf salad inspired of course). The blending of course was inspired by my hand blender birthday present a few days ago. Paul’s passing comment when he saw me plugging it in ” are we ever going to eat unblended food again ! ” So, on eating his yummy lunch he had to ask … which part has been blended! The part that made it fast & yummy I replied !

Latest variation on the same theme

I had all the ingredients in the picture and just put them together, some chopped, some grated and mixed with some cottage cheese and a spoonful of low fat cream cheese. Yum ! 

cheesy corny slaw


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