Get your griddle out !

and cook a healthy veggie lunch

Last updated Apr 30, 2020 at 11:01AM | Published on Mar 20, 2020

easy griddled vegetables

Have a nice lunch everyone .

Whilst we see so many people worrying they’ll put on weight when in quarantine, we’re the opposite. We’re hoping we’ll lose weight and get even healthier.

We’ve been in close contact ( Paul and I) working together for decades now, so fridge snacking is no longer a novelty.

In fact Paul has started the 5/2 diet this week.😇 Isolation is like a new beginning.. and we love new beginnings.

1. So get your griddle out and slice the courgettes finely ( we use our mandolin – you can see the one we use on our foodie wishlist post on the blog (but there are alternatives 😉 – and the ‘whatever pan’ on there has a great griddle).
Coat the veg. in just a little oil and seasoning.

2. Get the heat full on with the griddle, you can make you a pretty, healthy, low calorie lunch. Have fun with whatever veg you like.

3. Make it tasty… we added basil and I added a little balsamic vinegar. Would also be nice with some garlic and ginger.

4. Make it pretty to look at on the plate !



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