Tomato anchovy and red onion salad

just 3 ingredients !

Easy tapas dish or a simple light lunch with some yummy sourdough.


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Such a simple lunch inspiration. We had it with a few other delicious fishy dishes as a shared starter yesterday on the seafront at Portopedro in Mallorca. (Promise you it wasn’t only the rosé and the view that inspired me to make this at home today.)

I couldn’t believe how tasty it was and how easy to re-create. Living in Spain, we’ve learned to always have anchovies in the fridge .. either the ones in vinaigrette for aperitif time, or the ones in oil in a jar for cooking with.

Ps I used to hate anchovy!!! Used to think they were only hairy and fishy.. but these ones come vacuum packed in the vinegar. The vinegar cooks them and they’re quite the opposite… so meaty and ? tasty.

tomato and anchovy salad with red onions

So simple, tasty, and complete as a light lunch

Basic Ingredients

So we had anchovy, tomato, red onion salad. And that’s pretty much all we needed apart from some salad dressing . Seasoning, and bread.


Anchovies, or boquerones as they’re called in Spain – the other word is the local Mallorquin language – like Catalan. We had this pack between the two of us – perfect size.

User tips


  • If you don’t have a mandoline, then use a potato peeler to get really wafer thin onion slices. The one at our rental flat was pretty terrible but I still managed to get what I wanted !
    how to make wafer thin red onion slices - without a mandolin

    Here’s the simple method.

    1. Choose a ripe tomato each ( have fun and chop how you like.. I like to vary it so chunky worked better here with the other flatter ingredients.
    Place in your two serving dishes and sprinkle some nice salt flakes.

    2. Slice some red onion slices – the finer the better. We couldn’t bring our mandoline here so I discovered that a potato peeler works so well ( swipe over to next pic to see) not the easiest but really successful outcome?


    3. Make a very simple salad dressing. I didn’t use it all but blitzed up with the hand blender 3 tablespoons olive oil and 1-1.5 tablespoons Sherry vinegar. If you don’t like too much vinegar go for one spoon especially if the anchovy is very vinegary. Again, in Spain we always have sherry vinegar for any recipe that feels Spanish because that’s what they would use here. Red wine vinegar and a touch of balsamic would equate I feel.


    4. Spoon some of the dressing over the tomato onion mix. Add anchovies and a little more sauce. Sprinkle black pepper.


    5. Serve with some yummy crusty bread ( this one is sourdough baguette from fika bakery).

    this made me like anchovies !


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