Vegan tomato avocado salad – caprese style

…with homemade vegan pesto.

Last updated Jan 14, 2021 at 9:19PM | Published on Nov 1, 2019

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Vegan caprese salad with homemade vegan pesto!

vegan caprese salad alternative anyone!
Can’t remember where I first saw this but I love it! The avocados? replace the squidgy texture of the mozarella 
Swipe over to see our lunch yesterday with our visiting Chiddingfold family.

Makes a perfect starter, light lunch or side salad.
The large smooth skinned avocados here are quite sweet, and the skin is so easy to just peel off.

Goes lovely with a home made pesto ( can also be vegan… replace the Parmesan with sunflower seeds and yeast flakes. All made in a jiffy in my Bamix hand blender of course !

Don’t click over to the link in the bio yet!!!  I’ll have to detail that pesto for you and write it up later… guests you know !! Got to live more while they’re here.

pumpkin 999

For the vegan pesto, I just use a few handfuls of fresh basil, about a cup of mixed seeds ( mostly sunflower and some green pumpkin kernals). Pine nuts are so expensive and I like to get a variety of nuts and seeds in my diet  ! A good glug of olive oil and start blending in a beaker or jug ( a tall thin container basically ) with my Bamix or Braun hand blender. I add yeast flakes to make it more cheesy. Keep blending and adding oil, flakes, and then a little water ( less fattening !) until you get the consistency and taste you want. 

in this case I wanted it thick to spoon onto the tomatoes, but you might want to have it thinner to drizzle too – choices choices ! 

If I want parmesan pesto, I chop the parmesan with my Bamix processor and pulverize it with the powder disk then add to the mix instead of the Brewer’s yeast flakes.

Save some basil for decoration ( and eating !)

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