At least 10 beautiful reasons to buy a hand blender

( our happy list keeps growing as we find more excuses to use ours )

Last updated Jul 13, 2020 at 3:44PM | Published on Nov 16, 2018

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What convinced us to buy a hand blender…  

We could go on endlessly (and probably are anyway), but here is why we feel you should own a hand blender. We hope you feel the same way as us about it by the end, and then can check out the results of our research on the best hand blenders to buy this year (2019).


1. Small

A one size fits all kind of tool ! One small machine, with many attachments to do pretty much everything, rather than a big machine just sitting taking up your valuable kitchen workspace. So easy to put together, use, clean, take apart, and store away. It’s easily stored away in a drawer or hung on a wall. Also, when you find life is better with a hand blender, you realise it’s so so easy to take on holiday too so you can make the most of local foods without having to depend too much on that foreign kitchen !


2. Convenient

The blender goes into the food (as long as the end can fit into your jug or container), rather than the other way round.


3. Safer

No transferring of hot foods from one pot to another container..and you don’t have to have to empty out the blender to sort each part of a meal.


4. Less washing up

Fewer containers = less mess. Also it’s much easier to clean an immersion blender, than a food processor or liquidiser!


5. Less wastage

No more trying to dig the last bit out of the food processor blender. Also you will find this little machine an incentive to get the creative juices going and blend your leftovers into something new. You get to save food and money – win, win !


6. Cheaper

…than getting a big all in one machine. You can nice and cheap entry level ones, or great mid-range ones for the home cook. There are even specialist blenders ( say for seniors, or new mums making baby food mostly).

Check the top 3 (most popular and awarded! )

If you spend a bit more you can get all-in-one sets that even include food processing attachment, and at the top end are the  professional or semi-pro blenders, and also really high powered commercial grade immersion blenders…. You can spend more if you like !


7. Saves time

This magical hand-stick-wand-immersion-blender thingy saves so much hassle, effort, time, money, wastage, & work. Use it to do the harder, more time consuming jobs in the kitchen. Use it batch prepare foods for the week. Makes you wonder what you did before you got them.


8. Portable

You move to where the food is ..on the stove or wherever, instead of having to transfer the food to a stationary processor. You also don’t have to pull it out of a cupboard and take ages to put together, and it doesn’t take up much space anyway!


9. A great starter kitchen gadget

Probably most people’s first kitchen gadget, and a great present to buy a student or new home owner. With some models you can just keep adding accessories as you build up your portfolio of techniques!


10. Design gadget

It has become very desirable to have one, especially the pro models, the cordless blenders, and the stainless steel or retro styles.


11. The ultimate multi-tasker

It can do so many things you may never need any other kitchen machine! Starting with blending, puréeing and chopping, from soft to hard things like nuts (or even ice for some machines). Attachments usually allow you to aerate, whisk, slice and even mash ! 3 in 1 sets seem to almost ‘de rigeur’ as a new baby shower present.


12. UK chef Gordon Ramsay says he has one at every station in his restaurant kitchens !

Why? First, because it’s this Bamix and these immersion blenders are in a world of their own !

Second, he uses them as the perfect finishing tool at every station – foaming or giving bubbles to sauces.


13. It even got l’il old me cooking more

We used to have a simple budget Russell Hobbs hand blender years ago, then a Kenwood processor, and a KitchenAid liquidiser and baking bowl… and so it went on. I (Aoibheann) wasn’t big on soups at that time so didn’t use the blender as much as Paul. After all it was his when we met ( you guessed it… a student present when starting to University).

Since we simplified our life, and we found we were using it more and more. Since we bought a Bamix we haven’t looked back. It’s does so much more than those simple hand blenders… which leads me to another good reason no. 14.


14. It gets the creative juices flowing

What we love most is that you can try out things in very small quantities first. That’s easy, fast, and less costly !


15. The modern hand blender comes with attachments that do more than just purée.

There came a time when my blending and puréeing excitement didn’t cut it any more with Paul…

When asked what he wanted for lunch he started saying… something solid please ! (Made me realise why these stick blenders are so brilliant for baby food. It’s almost addictive blending flavours ! So it was time to move on to solids. I started using the mini processor too. Of course with solids you need nice ground up spices, sauces perhaps, interesting drinks, beautiful mashes, and pretty tasty toppings !

I’m still loving my knives and chopping boards, and I bought Paul a fabulous micro grater (we use it for parmesan, citrus peel and ginger mostly ). Whilst I love that too… the Bamix SliceSy is still beckoning for me, so it’s time for me to get the mandolin out and see which I prefer ( a bit scared to start using it to be honest so watch this space ! )


16. Did we mention healthy !

There’s no excuse not to be healthy when you have a hand blender. It’s so easy to whisk up or beat or blend a healthy juice, smoothie, sauce.

Still need reasons to be converted and join our happy hand blender lifestyle  ? 

So, if you are intrigued, head over the main hand blender page for an overall summary on what the stick blender can do for you. It also gives a brief guide on how to choose buying one, and shows the top 4 we chose for 2019 ( plus anther 3 that would be more than just a stick blender but more like the top global hand-held food processor.)

For the top 15 from entry level to professional grade, head over to our top 15 for 2019 post.

Good luck !


Still got questions…

We have about 25 articles on hand blenders from general information to in depth reviews. For more general questions, click over to our hand blender FAQ´s


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Affiliate disclosure

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I may earn a commission.

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