Pea soup… easy peasy 10 minute recipe.

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There are so many ways you can make a pea soup – they’re all easy. They all need blitzing and blending, and I think the best ones come about with the extra additions like wine to cook with it, herbs to add complexity to the flavour, and special seasoning to round it off at the end.

We bet you’ll get addicted to both your hand blender and pea soup making once you start making it!

 Tools, Tips & Techniques




A hand blender ( do you have a good one ?)  It’s simple and fast, and easy to clean as you go.

We used our Bamix hand blender with mincer blade for preparing the peas, and the multipurpose blade and whisk to finish it off.

You’ll also need a stove top, a mall or medium saucepan, a stirring spoon, and maybe a teaspoon for measuring the dash of soy sauce !



in your freezer: we always have a couple of bags of frozen peas – great for emergencies like cooling down an injury,  or a fast meal !





mise en place / preparation: Bamix gave me a great tip to blitz the peas with the meat blade before cooking… as well as using the multipurpose blade and even the whisk at the end. That way you get the best blended pea skins. My picture above involved using up some mint I had already picked the day before so the green colour was a little mixed.

serving suggestion: If you want it even smooooother, then just pass it through a big sieve into the serving bowls. Personally, we like it with a tiny wee bit of texture.

Servings : 2    |   Pre & post prep Time : 5 mins     |    Cooking  Time :  5 mins     |   Difficulty : 1/5

Essential Ingredients

  • 1 400g bag frozen peas
  • water
  • a dash salt n pepper
  • a small bunch of mint leaves


Optional Ingredients

…to boost flavour

  • 1 glass white or rosé wine, or 1/2 can beer.
  • 1/2 vegetable stock cube ( add at the beginning )
  • 1/2 clove garlic ( raw or pre-roasted – add at the beginning )
  • a teaspoon of tamari or soy sauce (stir in just before taking the pan off the heat, taste, and add more if you need to)

Secrets to satisfaction 

no mess…

I rinse of the parts as I go. Only the bowl and spoon to wash after.


no waste… 

I used a leftover flat beer to start, instead of a glass of wine.


so tasty…

At the end I added about a teaspoon of Tamari (or soy sauce) to bring out the flavour.


so smooth…

I used the bamix meat blade for initial blitz and mult-ipurpose blade at the end.

If you were adding cream or want a final foamy finish like I had, then use the whisk blade just before serving.

pumpkin 999



1.   Blitz blend 1 bag frozen peas with some liquid to break down skins.
2.  Add enough liquid to get it boiling. Then simmer cook for 5mins or less.
3.  Add a dash of salt, pepper, small bunch mint leaves
4. Final blend to smooth.
Optional  5.   Pass through a sieve if you want it even smoother !


creative variations


No tamari or soy sauce…try a dash of worcestorshire sauce, a teeny bit of minced anchovy.

No mint…replace the fresh mint and salty tamari combo, with a tarragon and lemon combo instead.

Too thick… add water or a liquid vegetable or chicken stock.

Too thin…add some drained and rinsed tinned peas, or swirl in some cooked blended carrots at the end ! Send me a picture of the green and orange swirl !


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