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Last updated Feb 15, 2019 at 7:02PM | Published on Nov 10, 2018

The Bamix Range explained


In the light of recent changes to the marketing of the Bamix machines, its probably only going to get even more difficult to understand which is the best bamix to buy. So we felt its time to decipher the range for you.

Initially we assumed the name of the Bamix machine ( eg Classic, Mono, Deluxe, SwissLine, Gastro) described which blender stick you got (power, shaft length) . But no! The names are essentially describing a package of goods. There are actually only a few main blender stick machines, and the names of the ranges are actually meant to determine the accessories that are packaged up with the stick

Power, shaft length, colour


The main differences in the stick itself are the power wattage and colours. This means, for example, that you can go for a bamix classic but it can be offered with a different colour or power. Sometimes, although its rare, the accessories can change a little too so if a supplier is trying to get the edge on price they may be taking some accessories out. Conversely, they may want to appear to have price parity but actually offer more accessories for your money. With all this, and the written internet errors, and different offerings under the same product name, and now the new packages coming out… we thought it’s time to give you the low down on the Bamix products.

We’ve spoken to shops selling it, and to Bamix wholesalers, both on the phone and face to face to get every little detail clarified.  We will keep updating this post but we think its best to explain the range names that have been around for a long time, and what you should get with each model. Then we will tell you our preferences.

Bamix model comparison


The machine itself hasn’t really changed in 60 years! A testament to its amazing design. Essentially, the sticks cover 7 different powers from 120watt to 350watt.

At the same time, we will group these into the 3 different shaft lengths available. Unlike some other brands where the stick can be separated from the engine part in the handle, you cannot actually do this with the Bamix models. So this means you cannot just change your shaft ( or wand or stick if you like) to a longer or shorter one. You have to choose the right shaft length at the beginning – you will see that most machines come with the standard length shaft as this is all that most cooks really need.

Bamix now do over 18 colours but you will not be offered all the colours in all the powers or stick lengths or packages so don’t be tempted, unless thats your first priority! To get our top choice, the Bamix SwissLine,  for our best hand held blender brands and models, we mix n matched the best of the power, colour choices, accessories and attachments, reviews, and price comparison.


Bamix models with the standard shaft length (34.0 cm)

    • Basic – (120 Watt) we rarely see this for sale
    • Classic  – can be anything from 140-180 Watt, but we see it mostly at 140w
    • Mono  – can be anything from 140-200 Watt, we mostly see it for sale at 140 or 160w
    • DeLuxe –  (160-180 Watt) but we see it for sale mostly at 180w
    • SwissLine ( Colorline )  – (200-250 Watt) but the 250W is a one off so you will really only see the 200w 
    • SuperBox – (200-250 Watt)..same as for the SwissLine, you will see 200W mostly
    • Gastro – 180watt model…you will rarely see this one at all ( a bit like the elusive 250w SwissLine

Bamix models with the long shaft length (39.5 cm) 

      • Gastro (200 Watt)… most popular gastro buy

Bamix models with the extra long (49.5 cm) shaft length

    • Gastro (350 Watt)…Gordon Ramsey’s favourite apparently

Accessories and attachments

For much more detail, and pictures, have a look at our post dedicated to the Bamix accessories and attachments.



If you get one blade its the multi-purpose one, if you get three its the multi-purpose, beater and whisk. The fourth blade is the meat blade.


The beakers are 400ml and 600ml and usually come with a lid. The jug is 1000ml and no lid. We used to see a 900ml Jug with a lid but its rare to see it now. Below we will just say 0.4L, 0.6L, 1L to denote these are included.


There are four types. A wall bracket, a SwissLine stand, a deluxe stand, and Classic Selection stand. 



The grinder is a dry goods grinding mill, the processor is a newer wet/dry grinding mill that can also incorporate the extra pulverising disk. the slicSy is the food processor container with chopper blade in the base and spinning graters and slicers in the upper part near the feeding tube.


What attachments you get with each bamix model


Basic model:       1 blade

Classic model:      1 blade

Mono model:       3 blades + 0.6L + Wall Bracket

DeLuxe model:    3 blades + Deluxe stand + grinder

SwissLine and Colorline models:  3 blades +  1L +  SwissLine stand + processor

SuperBox model:  4 blades + 1L + SwissLine stand + processor + sliceSY

Gastro model:       3 blades + Wall Bracket

Conclusion : so which Bamix would WE buy and why?

Important criteria...


We would go for minimum 160w as we were talking directly with Bamix and it seems you will need this power to work well with the lastest accessories like the SliceSy. If there are any not so good reviews of the Bamix, we find they seem to go with the classic range so until we work out why… we avoid that range. Sorry! 

180W is an option but this power seems to come mostly with the deluxe package. See below in ‘accessories’ why we rule that out! 

Basically the higher the power, the faster it works and we feel it gives the better option to grow with any new Bamix accessories. You are going to have this machine for quite a while! 

So all in all we would go with the 200 watt.


The shortest still sucks up in deep pans, so length is not as much of an issue as you might initially think. We have heard that owners of the gastro 350 can find it so long that it gets knocked over too much… thats not good. Maybe that’s why the gastro 200 is a more popular model. There must be a good reason why every other machine, apart from the gastro range, just comes in the standard length. Basically the  machine is so powerful that it sucks the food up so easily so you don’t have to go to the bottom of the pan.


Bamix actually produces well over 20 colours, but you don’t see all the colours out for sale very easily! There is a range called Colorline which has 18 bright colours but its machine and accessories pack is essentially the Swissline. So if you can’t find what you want on Amazon under Bamix Swissline, try the search phrase Bamix Colorline.

Overall, we’d say stick with a classic colour –  this machine will last you through many decades of kitchen decor changes.  Black, white and red are the most common colours throughout the ranges.

As we simplify our own lives and our kitchen now, we probably don’t need every accent to be red, so we would go for white, grey, or silver! Aoibheann uses spices a lot and a darker colour helps avoid showing those turmeric or saffron splashes!

Accessories and attachments

You should have 3 blades minimum and most models come with these. for the chopping mills – we like the wet / dry mill known as the “processor” better than its pre-decessor the “grinder” ( just a dry processor). For this reason we don’t go for the Deluxe range because it only comes with the grinder. It’s worth noting that the pulverising disk also only fits into the wet/dry processor too.

The Superbox is essentially the Swissline + the SliceSy, plus the extra meat blade and a few beakers, so you get the FULL set, but the range of colours can be more limited.

Adding the SliceSy makes the Bamix into the world’s smallest and most powerful hand held food processor! We want one of these too, but honestly the SwissLine is enough – for now – especially if you already have a food processor, or a decent grater and set of knives and time to do it manually.


straight or curly, or cordless… we prefer curly which you get with the Swissline,  Superbox, and the gastro range.


You definitely need one because inside the shaft is a lubricant that needs to be evenly spread when the hand blender is resting, so it needs to sit on a stand.

An expensive mistake if it falls over regularly which is a reason also to stick with the standard length shaft. We liked all the stands so didn’t have a preference. Its not always easy to buy it separately though so this is also why we like the SwissLine.

Bamix latest models

In fact, we would call them new packages, rather than models.  Bamix don’t really need to do much more to make their product better so it makes sense that they are essentially packaging them up to show you more easily what you can do with a bamix stick blender. So, in effect, it is more focused marketing packages aimed at men, women, young families, bling etc ( the bbq, babyline, toGo, baker range etc).  Watch this space for more news… but the main product remains essentially the same. Personally, we know what we like already, so we don’t need it to be dressed up in different ways. in each section below we will show you how you can create the equivalent ( or better!) set to achieve the same end. 




…120/140 or 200watts? For many many months still, in 2018, the main Swiss Bamix website Germany said 120, Holland said 200, Uk said nothing…now they all say 200watts and we are sure thats the one ! We’ve been and visited it 🙂

So if you find any links online in 2019 that still haven’t updated the speeds, let us know. It should be the same as the Swissline speeds ( i.e. up to 17,000rpm).

To see what other chefs are using or endorsing, have a look at our celebrity hand blenders here.


Bamix Babyline model

…with recipe booklet to produce healthy baby food, comes with a glass baby food container.


Bamix Colorline

…available in 18 colours


Bamix Configurator

…we’ve heard serious rumour of this from head office, but not seen it yet (create your own and unique Bamix online)


Bamix Luxuryline

…..24 carat gold plated kitchen appliances plus more gilted metallics for the bling set ! Outstanding. 


Bamix toGo

…produce your smoothie in the thermo jug directly, recipe booklet and thermo jug included.

We can then also add other accessories to what we have. For example, the “bamix toGo” model is essentially the bamix 200 watt machine, with a 500ml stainless steel thermos flask and a smoothie recipe book. Personally we love the mira stainless steel jars. They’re so versatile. If you want to 


Bamix BBQ / Grill & Chill

…perhaps made for the outdoor cooking men (recipe booklet with best rubs/ marinades / sauces for BBQ, and branded apron included)



…more than 40 recipes in a booklet for sweet and salty pastry

alternatives and accessories

Achieve the same, or better than the packages above by finding an alternative way to choosing your favourite machine, and adding some high quality accessories to use with it. 

…amazon links in the text, images coming soon…


Bamix JAMIE OLIVER – alternative model

Aoibheann has a 200 watt ColorLine model, and it’s the same colour as the Jamie Oliver edition. She prefers it because, much as though she is a big fan of Jamie, she didn’t feel the need to have his signature all over it. The beautiful classic Bamix signature is enough. When Jamie Oliver made his programme “Jamie does Marrakech” at our boutique hotel maison mk, we didn’t splash our name all over his work either 😉

So, if you want that look, then go for the Anthracite grey colorline model, and there you have it.


Bamix Babyline – alternative baby food storage jars

So, the Babyline model is a 200Watt machine with a 400ml glass food container. So just choose a Swissline, gastro or colorline model for the main machine. Then, for baby food storage with leakproof lids, (we think you might need more than one), we love these colour coded BPA free 4oz jars from WeeSprout. The dry erase marker makes it a winner !

Going more generally, and as our own baby is all grown up now, we would personally go for these these high quality ( but reasonably priced ) eco friendly Borosilicate glass containers with sealing and snap on lids. Stackable, and with a removable rubber gasket to ensure it’s airtight.  You can freeze, reheat, serve from, and clean in the dishwasher. 


Bamix Colorline – additional coloured accessories

Given that this model has the most colours, we would add some cool colourful accessories to our alternative package. Have a look at the Mira range suggested in the toGo section below, or we would go for the KAMOTO 4oz mason jars with coloured checkered lids. Ideal for storing those DIY spice blends, jams, sauces, and baby foods you’ve made with your Bamix.


Bamix Configurator

Well, actually, this section is doing that for you! So watch this space for our own ideal configuration.


Bamix Luxuryline – additional accessories

Of course, we would add the Alessi 24 carat gold plated bowl,  or a Fitz and Floyd cake stand to serve from !


Bamix toGo  – alternative food / drinks jar

You could go for the silver coloured thermos branded stainless steel jars, but we personally love the mira stainless steel powder-coated colour range. They’re so versatile, and you can probably choose a favourite colour , or even one to tone in with your own Bamix !   


Bamix BBQ (Grill & Chill) – alternative apron

Aprons are a bit personal don’t you think ? Sadly we also feel that maybe a branded one just looks like you got it for free. Personally, we like this “Under NY Sky” no tie, classic, split leg apron, adjustable for men or women ( women bbq too don’t they !)


Bamix BAKING – additional ‘pièce de résistence’ accessory

Well this is the Superbox set really, in black or cream colours. Nothing to add or replace here as its pretty perfect don’t you think… ok then, you’ve twisted my arm. How about this gorgeous vintage looking cream cake tray with glass dome, to show off the final results! 


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