Best Bamix hand blender to buy today

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Bamix blenders

Bamix gastro white hand blender featuring wall holder and all four Bamix blades

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Why is Bamix the best ?

Bamix was the original immersion blender, and is still the best !  In our opinion, it’s the perfect size, weight, and really powerful.

We can use it to blend a cocktail in a glass, and equally in a pan of boiling soup. We love to pulverize hard spices,  knock up a latté, make a jam, a mayonnaise, or a meringue in seconds. So we want you to enjoy it too.

In our in depth reviews of  the Swissline and Gastro we explain why you would want these top models in the Bamix range ( 200watts & above) but what’s the difference between all the models and packages from entry level up. They mostly all look the same !

In light of the changes in the marketing of the Bamix machines in the last few years, it looks like there are many more packages for sale now. As a result, it’s probably even more difficult for you to understand which is the best Bamix blender to buy. So we felt its time to decipher the range for you.


What makes the Bamix blender so different to other immersion blenders ?

Looks like it launches into space at 0:15… or is it just our vivid imagination ?

video: see a Bamix blender in action, inside and out !

The Bamix product line explained


When we first looked at this brand, we assumed the model name of the Bamix machine eg.Classic, Mono, DeluxeSwissline, &  Gastro (all on Amazon) only related to a different type of blender stick (with respect to power, shaft length, colour) . But no ! In fact, there are actually only a few main blender stick machines, and the names of the ranges are actually meant to determine the accessories that are packaged up with the stick itself.

So here we want to help explain what you get with each model, and help you choose the right one for your needs right now. So there’s nothing stopping you making a decision today.

Comparing Bamix to Braun,  there are five different Braun MultiQuick ranges and many of the parts are not interchangeable, whereas the Bamix range is much more modular. The great thing about Bamix is that there aren’t too many accessories, and you can also add most of them afterwards.  We have even looked at alternative accessories for you here.


Where to buy your Bamix blender


You will not find every model in every shop in every country – not even by going directly to a country distributor ! We promise we have tried to do this, and we’ve lived in a few different countries. So we are trying here to save you doing what we did… keep going round in circles, procrastinating and never getting on with the best bit once you buy one, i.e. some fabulous Bamix loving cooking and baking ! So, just use this guide to help you choose the best possible model that is available when you are ready to buy …  then click over to Amazon where we find the best and most appropriate ranges on offer at the moment, grab one and love it ! We’re sure you will.


Bamix by ESGE

Esge make Bamix hand blenders in Germany, so don’t be alarmed if you also see this company name. Of course, if you are in Germany you will no doubt already be aware of this ! Stocks of ESGE ( usually by UNOLD distributor ) can really vary in other countries , so we are always looking for the best buys for you.

ESGE magic wand

We often find these more expensive, but there are bargains to be had every now and then and we search them out. You will either find them on the best bargain today button at the top of the page, or check out the ESGE product here in your region. Good luck !

ESGE blades

Even if you aren´t getting a Bamix blender made by ESGE, you can still use them to get the blades. In fact, as one of the most popular blades ( the multipurpose C blade) runs out of stock, we take you to the place to buy the ESGE blade instead.

Bamix model comparison


The main differences in the stick itself are the power wattage and colours. This means, for example, that you can go for a bamix classic but it can be offered with a different colour or power.

Bamix now do over 18 colours but you will not be offered all the colours in all the powers or stick lengths or packages so don’t be tempted, unless thats your first priority!

Sometimes, although its rare, the accessories can change a little too so if a supplier is trying to get the edge on price they may be taking some accessories out. Conversely, they may want to appear to have price parity but actually offer more accessories for your money. With all this, and the written internet errors, and different offerings under the same product name, and now the new packages coming out… we thought it’s time to give you the low down on the Bamix products.

We’ve spoken to shops selling it, and to Bamix wholesalers, both on the phone and face to face to get every little detail clarified. Thankfully there are many suppliers on Amazon especially for this model ,  so you get to see all the offerings there.

We will keep updating this post but we think its best to first explain the range names that have been around for a long time, and tell you what you should get with each model. Then we will tell you our preferences, and more about the newer packages that were launched in 2018 and still coming out around the world.


Power and Speeds

The machine itself hasn’t really changed in 60 years! A testament to its amazing design. Essentially, the sticks cover 8 different powers worldwide from 120watt to 350watt.  Below 200W you will find different countries offer the Mono and Classic with varying powers from 140 upwards. Other models tend to just be sold mostly at their most popular power e.g. the Swissline 200Watts, or the Deluxe 180watts. If you see the letter ‘M’ followed by a number then this is usually the power rating you’re buying e.g. M150 in the USA and Canada for the Professional model, or the M200 for the 200Watt Swissline model in the U.K.

Here are the relevant speeds relating to all the Bamix power ratings. 

140-160 watts: setting 1: 10000 – 11000 rpm, setting 2: 15000 – 16000 rpm

180 watts: setting 1: 11000 – 12000 rpm , setting 2: 16000 – 17000 rpm

200 watts: setting 1: 12000 rpm , setting 2: 17000 rpm

350 watts:  setting 1: 18000 rpm , setting 2: 22000 rpm

Bamix blender shaft lengths

We will group these into the 3 different shaft lengths available. Unlike some other brands where the stick can be separated from the engine part in the handle, you cannot actually do this with the Bamix models. So this means you cannot just change your shaft ( or wand or stick if you like) to a longer or shorter one. You have to choose the right shaft length at the beginning – you will see that most machines come with the standard length shaft as this is all that most cooks really need. Note that you can immerse the stick all the way up to the buttons.

  • standard shaft length = 5 ⅜” (5.8 inches) = approx. 14cm: can immerse up to 29.5cm
  • long shaft length = 7 ⅜” (8.6 inches) = approx.  19cm: can immerse up to 39.5cm
  • extra long shaft length = 11 ⅖” (11.4 inches) = approx.  30cm : can immerse up to 49.5cm

(Any bright blue links let you see the product on Amazon)


Bamix hand blender models with the standard shaft length

    • Basic  (120 Watt) we rarely see this for sale
    • Classic .125 model  (140-180 Watt), but we see it mostly at 140w
    • Mono (140-200 Watt), we mostly see it for sale at 140 or 160w
    • Deluxe .101 model (160-180 Watt) but we see it for sale mostly at 180w
    • Swissline / Colorline .100 model (200-250 Watt) but the 250W is a one off, so you will really only see the 200w
    • Classic Selection -(200 Watt) white or black set, like the swissline + a few more extras !
    • Luxuryline – 200 watt metallics range, not often seen
    • Superbox -.105 model (200-250 Watt)… same as for the SwissLine, you will see 200W mostly.
    • Gastro  (180watt) –  you will rarely see this one in the UK & Europe ( much like the elusive 250w SwissLine). However this sells well in America as the NSF approved M150 Pro-1 (also known as G150 ) in the U.S. and Canada.
    • New packages like the Jamie Oliver Bamix, Babyline Bamix and Baking Bamix were introduced in 2018 and all have the standard length shaft. However, they are essentially the same models as above, with perhaps some extra accessories packaged up for target markets. We have a complete section on this below !

Bamix hand blender models with the long shaft length

      • Gastro .103 model  (200 Watt)… the most popular gastro buy, also known in the U.S. and Canada as the Pro-2 or G200 and NSF approved.

Bamix hand blender models with the extra long shaft length

    • Gastro .106 model – (350 Watt)…Gordon Ramsey’s favourite apparently, also known in the U.S. and Canada as the Pro-3 or G350 and is NSF approved.

Which Bamix blender do our top 2 top UK Chefs use ?


Gordon Ramsey loves

the extra long shaft length as used in the gastro 350 Watt stick blender ( See what Gordon uses here on Amazon

Jamie Oliver loves

the standard shaft length, as used in the deluxe / swissline/ colourline 200 Watt stick blenders (and of course his own packaged ¨ Bamix jamie Oliver ¨ which is my favourite colour.  I have that colour and it works anywhere ! )

Accessories and attachments

Attachments are the pieces that you stick attaches to, in order to work ( e.g. blades and processing units). Accessories are the extras that make using the Bamix easier ( eg jugs, beakers, stands).  Here is a summary of the different accessories and attachments across the whole range.  For much more detail, and pictures, see our post dedicated to the Bamix accessories and attachments.


Bamix blades

The blades are so tiny, it´s unbelievable how well they work compared to other blenders.  The stock doesn´gt come away from the body, you just change the blade ! If you get one blade it should be this multi-purpose one, if you get three its the multi-purpose (C blade) ,  beater, and whisk. The fourth blade is the meat blade. Click on any of these links to see them on Amazon.


Beakers and jugs

The beakers are 400ml and 600ml and usually come with a lid. The jug is 1000ml and no lid. We used to see a 900ml Jug with a lid but its rare to see it now. Below we will just say 0.4L, 0.6L, 1L to denote these are included.


Bamix stands

There are four types. A wall bracket, a SwissLine stand, a deLuxe stand, and Classic Selection stand.


Grinding mills and Processing units

The small older grinder is a dry goods grinding mill, the processor is a newer wet / dry grinding mill that can also incorporate the extra pulverising disk. We find it unusual that it’s called a processor as it’s not the typical food processor with a feeder tube. The product called the SliceSy is the food processor container with chopper blade in the base and spinning graters and slicers in the upper part near the feeding tube. (Red links are to Amazon)

Which attachments are included with a Bamix blender ?

The Bamix Basic Hand blender is rarely seen for sale and includes only 1 blade ( the multi-purpose blade).  Click through the red Amazon buttons below to your own country site to see any of the other models for sale there. If your country is not displayed, that’s because we didn’t find something to show you in that range right now. Don’t worry, we’ll keep checking and updating for you. ( Gastro range coming soon ) 


Bamix Classic Stick Blender

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Accessories included:

1 blade (1 blade is: multipurpose blade)

Bamix Mono Stick Blender

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Accessories included:

3 blades + 0.6 Litre jug + Wall Bracket (3 blades are: multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater)

Bamix Deluxe Stick Blender

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Accessories included:

3 blades + Deluxe stand + grinder (3 blades are: multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater)

Bamix SwissLine / Colorline Blender Set

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Accessories included:

3 blades +  1L +  SwissLine stand + processor (3 blades are: multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater)

Bamix Classic Selection Blender Set

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Accessories included:

4 blades + 1L jug (+lid) + classic selection stand + wet/dry mill (processor) + powder disc, 400ml beaker + lid (4 blades are: multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater, meat /veg mincer)

Bamix Superbox Blender Set

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Accessories included:

4 blades + 2 beakers (400ml and 600ml) + 1L jug + SwissLine stand + processor + powder disk + sliceSY (4 blades are: multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater, meat /veg mincer, + SliceSy blades)

Bamix Gastro Blender Sets

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Accessories included:

3 blades + wall bracket  (3 blades are: multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater blade )

So which Bamix did WE buy and why ?

We’ll let you in on the model name in just a second, but first of all let’s follow our own buying guide and look at what we wanted from each of the important categories. 

7 features that helped us choose our Bamix

To get our top choice, the Bamix Swissline  (on Amazon), we mixed and matched the best of the power, colour choices, accessories and attachments, reviews, and price comparison.  Let’s talk about how exactly we did that.


We decided we wanted minimum 160w as we were talking directly with a Bamix distributor, and it seems you will need this power to work well with the latest accessories like the SliceSy. So if we wanted to keep that option open, that means a Mono or Classic at 160W. We wanted more than one blade included though so that cuts the Classic out.

180W is an option but this power seems to come mostly with the deluxe package. See below in ‘accessories’ why we rule the deluxe out for ourselves ( personal style !) 

The Mono would be the obvious best value price choice here, but personally we were inclined to go with a 200 watts. So read on.Basically the higher the power, the faster it works and we feel it gives the better option to grow with any new Bamix accessories. We’re going to have this machine for quite a while ! 

Shaft length

The shortest still sucks up in deep pans, so length is not as much of an issue as you might initially think. Bamix demos convinced us on this one.

We have heard from a Bamix seller that owners of the gastro 350 can find it so long that it gets knocked over too much… so you need to put it back on the stand when it’s not in use. Good to learn. Maybe that’s why the gastro 200 is a more popular model in that range. It also explains why the stands are so important to use and not leave your Bamix standing on its own.

There must be a good reason why every other machine, apart from the gastro range, just comes in the standard length. Basically the  machine is so powerful that it sucks the food up so easily so you don’t have to go to the bottom of the pan. 

We were originally only going for the gastro 200 but this research opened up the possibilities again to choose from any range !

Bamix cord ( cable )

straight or curly, or cordless… we prefer curly which you get with the Swissline,  Colorline, Superbox, and the Gastro range.


Bamix is not a bargain basement brand ! You will find the lowest prices start with the lowest powered models in the household hand blender range. The prices go up as you add increase power and speeds, and accessories or attachments, The most expensive models are the commercial range like the gastro, and at the top comes the complete household sets like the  Superbox. If you buy a set like this ( or the Classic Selection), it works out cheaper than buying all the individual parts, so if you can afford it all at once, or its a gift… go for a set !

(The Luxury line is gold based so it stands out on its own with respect to price – it’s not easy to find either the product for sale or the price ! ) 


Bamix actually produces well over 20 colours, but you don’t see all the colours out for sale very easily!

The Mono and Classic ranges come in basic red, white, black.

The deluxe edition adds in a silver.

The gastro range is white  / grey or black.

So its only when you get to the 200W and sets that other colours get to be an option. The classic selection is the exception as it comes in black or white.

There is a range called Colorline which has 18 bright colours but its machine and accessories pack is essentially the Swissline. So if you can’t find what you want on Amazon under Bamix Swissline try the search phrase Bamix Colorline. The luxury range is for a bling kitchen 🙂

Overall, we’d say stick with a classic colour –  this machine will last you through many decades of kitchen decor changes.  Black, white / cream and red are the most common colours throughout the ranges.

As we simplify our own lives and our kitchen now, we probably don’t need every accent to be red, so we would go for white, grey, or silver! Aoibheann uses spices a lot and a darker colour helps avoid showing those turmeric or saffron splashes!


You should have 3 blades minimum and most models come with these. for the chopping mills – we like the wet / dry mill known as the “processor” better than its pre-decessor the “grinder” ( just a dry processor ). For this reason we don’t go for the Deluxe range because it only comes with the grinder. It’s worth noting that the pulverising disk also only fits into the wet/dry processor too.

The Superbox is essentially the Swissline + the SliceSy, plus the extra meat blade and a few beakers, so you get the FULL set, but the range of colours can be more limited.

Adding the SliceSy makes the Bamix into the world’s smallest and most powerful hand held food processor! We want one of these too, but honestly the SwissLine is enough – for now – especially if you already have a food processor, or a decent grater and set of knives and time to do it manually.

Bamix stand accessory

 You definitely need one because inside the shaft is a lubricant that needs to be evenly spread when the hand blender is resting, so it needs to sit on a stand.

An expensive mistake if it falls over regularly which is a reason also to stick with the standard length shaft. We liked all the stands so didn’t have a preference. Its not always easy to buy it separately though so this is also why we like the SwissLine.

Which Bamix did we buy and why ?

This was how our thought process worked. The questions we asked ourselves, and the detail that became important. Maybe it´s similiar to yours right now so we thought we´d share.

(Any underlined links let you see the product on Amazon)

1. Comparing the models 

We started the process looking at the gastro model, because of the power and the longer shaft length but after much discussion with suppliers we realised we didn’t actually need the longer length so this opened up a lot more options! If we had been looking for a great entry level hand blender, we would have chosen the Bamix Classic.  If we wanted less than 160 Watt model, we would choose the Mono. However because we wanted 160 Watts or more, we could have chosen between the classic, mono, or, the Deluxe. We started by thinking we would choose the Mono if possible, as it has the 3 blades and wall bracket, (and depending on the price difference we found between that and the classic). You can buy the blades and some of the stands separately. We didn’t want the deluxe because we would prefer a wet / dry mill with powder disk to just the wet grinder (and personally, we didn’t dig the deluxe stand as much as the others.)

We still wanted more power, and decided on 200 Watts. If we were choosing a Gastro model, we would have gone for the gastro 200, simply because we didn’t need the longest length and the gastro 350 was another 0.25 kg heavier. Now we were convinced that we didn’t need any more than the standard length, given the vortex suction the Bamix is so great at. So we looked at other models that could give us 200Watts?

2. The little details that were most important to us, personally.

This is where it becomes a bit personal ! We wanted the curly cable,  and the processor for spice grinding.  We didn’t want to have to put the wall bracket up in every place we stayed and it would be great not to have to buy the stand separately. So in an ideal world, Aoibheann would have liked the Superbox to have it all…  but we didn’t need the beakers at the time, and so the attractively priced Swissline set gives  everything we needed.  ( We already have a mandoline for slicing, but Aoibheann still wants the SliceSy to this day though for bigger processing and baking… that would make another nice gift… guess who’s writing this bit hehe !)


3. So we bought…

The Swissline / Colorline 200W, in anthracite grey as it happens – which is now the signature colour for the Jamie Oliver Bamix only. It was a colour that was available when we were ready to buy,  and we fell in love with it. We would have had any grey, or white, ( black or red as a second choice ) – as we felt these colours would go in any kitchen and seeing as we were more mobile these days we aren’t going to know what each kitchen would look like.

Having the mini processor ( wet / dry mill) excited us, to be able to make icing sugar from granulated in seconds, reduce nuts and seeds and chocolate to powder ! So we bought the powder disk separately, when we realised we need that to pulverise hard spices like cloves for Christmas food ( and even make a healthy clove gum poultice ! ) We didn’t see the Classic selection model at the time we wanted to buy ( in fact it isn´t often seen !) – otherwise this would have been another, perhaps even better option. So if you see that set too,  usually in white or black, then go for it !

Bamix user reviews for the model we bought


We trawled through the reviews for all the products on Amazon, in  every country. So go in and check them out too if you like, and either comment at the bottom of the page with any questions, or join our email group if you want to communicate directly with us.  


  1. We will take you to the Bamix product page on Amazon
  2. Click on REVIEWS and enjoy the read !

New Bamix products for sale.

Some information on the new Bamix packages – we would call these products new marketing packages, rather than new models !

Bamix don’t really need to do much more to make their product better so it makes sense that they are essentially packaging them up to show you more easily what you can do with a bamix stick blender.  So, in effect, it is more focused marketing packages aimed at men, women, young families, bling etc ( the bbq, babyline, toGo, baker range etc).  Watch this space for more news… but the main product remains essentially the same.

All bright blue links below take you to Amazon products so that you can see what’s actually the box sets, and find the best deals there today.

Personally, we know what we like already, so we don’t need it to be dressed up in different ways. In our bamix attachments and accessories article, we also go into each package and show you alternative accessories that you can buy to suit them. So you can achieve the same end by creating the equivalent, or even better sets yourself !


Bamix Jamie Oliver Blender Set

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Accessories included:

3 blades + Deluxe stand + recipe booklet by Jamie Oliver (3 blades are: multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater )

Bamix Babyline Blender Set

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Accessories included:

3 blades +  400 ml beaker with lid + baby food container +  Deluxe stand  + baby food recipe booklet (3 blades are: multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater)

Bamix Baking box Blender Set

braun MQ9087x hand blender set

Accessories included:

4 blades + 2 beakers  (400 ml and 600 ml) + 1L jug + SwissLine stand + processor + powder disk + sliceSY + baking recipe booklet (4 blades are: multi-purpose blade, whisk, beater, meat /veg mincer, + SliceSy blades)


First of all the power  – is it 120/140 or 200watts ? For many many months around the launch in 2018, the main Swiss Bamix website Germany said 120, Holland said 200W, UK said nothing… now they all say 200 watts and we are sure thats the one !  We still see some box set machines for sale with the 120W detail. So if you are still seeing any misleading information, rest easy, we’ve been and checked out the machine at a Bamix distributor,  and it’s definitely 200watts 🙂

Essentially this machine is the Bamix Deluxe package in terms of whats included, and is the highest wattage you can get in the Deluxe – although we rarely ever see the Deluxe sold at higher than 180W. However the colour is not from the Deluxe range, it’s from the Swissline / ColorLine model. The colour is Anthracite Grey and has a large Jamie Oliver signature on it. The box set includes a recipe book by Jamie too. It’s available in the U.K. and Europe. If you can’t get the Jamie Bamix model itself, just go for the Deluxe ( if you want that stand), the Colorline (if you want that colour) , or the Swissline ( if you just want that speed + get the processor and Swissline stand instead )

If you find any links online in 2019 that still haven’t updated the speeds, please let us know. Every time we spot one, we try to rectify it. The speeds should be the same as the Swissline  ( i.e. up to 17,000rpm). To see what other chefs are using or endorsing, have a look at our celebrity hand blenders here.


Bamix Babyline model

A cute 8 piece set (a Bamix deluxe model blender by all accounts, includes the deluxe stand, 3 blades, 200w, 400ml beaker w/lid, 220ml glass container w/lid, with recipe booklet to produce healthy baby food. ) So what you are getting extra here is the glass container and recipe booklet. We really like that they haven’t offered a low power here ( just because it’s for baby food ).  The 200 Watt is what we chose so we know you will have such fun with it from baby food to adult cocktails and healthy nut and spice mixes.

Click the blue link to Amazon above to see it in your country. In Canada, you’ll probably find the recipe book in French, in Australia there was no Babyline model, but the link will take you to something we couldn’t resist showing you  – a really pretty baby pink 200w Colorline model which we love.

Bamix Colorline

Not so new, but getting more coverage now so it’s but worth explaining a little more here. Essentially this product is simply more colourful versions of the SwissLine. 200 watts ( M200 model). It’s available in 18 colours.

Bamix Barbeque (also known as Bamix BBQ , Bamix Grill & Chill )

Perhaps made for the outdoor cooking men (recipe booklet with best rubs/ marinades / sauces for BBQ, and branded apron included). Women bbq too ! Check out our unisex BBQ aprons on the Bamix Accessories page too.

Bamix BAKING box set

More than 40 recipes in a booklet for sweet and salty pastry. You should know that this is the same set as the Superbox set, but in a gorgeous cream colour !

Bamix toGo

The idea here is to produce your smoothie in the thermo jug directly. The “bamix toGo” model is essentially the bamix 200 watt machine, with a new 500ml stainless steel thermos flask and a smoothie recipe book. Personally we love these mira stainless steel thermos jars on Amazon. It’s 400ml, powder-coated and so pretty… and versatile ! You can use it for hot or cold breakfast bowls, lunches etc. And, there are 7 colours so you can probably choose a favourite colour to tone in with your own Bamix !


Bamix Luxuryline

More gilded metallics for the bling set ! Outstanding. It’s 24 carat gold and is the beautiful picture featured on our main hand blender summary page. ! It’s not so new too but you don’t hear of it often so we thought we’d let you know.

Bamix Configurator

We’ve heard serious rumour of this from head office, but not seen it as yet (create your own and unique Bamix online). So this is what we are trying to help you do anyway . Head over to the bottom of the Bamix Attachments and accessories page to see how we have helped you configure your own great packages with Bamix and other high quality accessories we have curated for you.

Well that´s all we can tell you about the Bamix range and its accessories and similar products… for now! We can’t help tweaking ad updating so keep checking in.  If you have any questions or thoughts, please put them in the comments box below. If we have excited you about the Bamix, please go onto Amazon and check the prices in your country . We know we made a great decision in buying one, so we hope you become a Bamix buddy too !! Thanks for reading this far.

Which Bamix hand blender is your favourite ?

Do let us know your first impressions on what you see here, or if you have a Bamix already , please let us know what you have… and why ! Just use the comments box below, we’d love to know what made you make your choice. 


  1. Tomaz Tomazic

    looking at website why is jamie oliver II so expensive compared to BBQ where youe get more accessories for 40$ less

    • aoibheann

      Hi there, and sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I´m working on the back end of the site and didn´t see the comment for some reason. Paul alerted me!
      Ok . You surprised me , that the Jamie 2 is more than the BBQ for indeed the BBQ is usually a better and bigger set.
      So I had a look and it looks like they´re doing a lot of work on new websites. Maybe they aren´t finished yet and there are errors, I don´t know.
      I know the Jamie II is newer and it has the higher 200W speed here in Europe so it should be equivalent to the Colorline / Swissline models and their prices. The stand is the deluxe style which is great too, and you get the Jamie recipe book and his branding on the stick. Not enough to make me pay higher than a swissline or gastro I would say.
      I thought the BBQ usually was the same as the Superbox set, with the SliceSy included. I´ve had a look at the USA supply snd the SliceSy isn´t in the picture ! So that would be my reasoning for why it is cheaper ( looks like it´s been reduced ).
      I also looked at the European sites and things have changed there. I see the Jame II at a higher price also than the swissline. I see their first reviewer gave a 1 star for misleading information on the site, even though she agrees the product is fine.
      So whilst I dig into this, and / or the new Bamix sites settle down, I would personally shop on Amazon. That´s why I link to Amazon, because of the choices that are always available there. Now that Bamix might be doing more online, if it settles down nicely, then I will try to get a link to their shop for you too.
      What do you think ?
      Tell me where you are and what you need and sometimes I see things a little differently if I search on front or back ends of Amazon as an affiliate so I can look for you.
      I´ll look out for your email.
      All the best,

  2. Adrian

    I am interested to buy either bamix 350 pro or 200 pro from EGSE site with longer shaft, they seem the same weight per the website (1kg). Would 200 be sufficient for pots of 6L soup blending? Or should I go with more powerful one?

    • aoibheann

      Ah, always the dilemma. I was the same. I chose the Bamix and don´t regret it.
      And yes, Amazon UK offers a lot for the UK and Ireland customers – so that´s why I connect there.
      It´s more commercial than domestic and I expect it to last a very very long time. The less plastic on a machine the better I think so it doesn´t end up cracking. The braun does seem to have more gadgets though ( chip maker etc like a mandoline) if you need those, and perhaps a larger size. Everything is larger though, even the stick to hold.
      What I like also about Bamix is that there it´s simple. It´s not going to be superceded by another series like Braun does. I also write about Braun because I found it a minefield to decipher.
      So let me know if you can find what you want on Amazon through the existing fromcooktochef links and if not, I´ll look for it for you and let you know.
      For the processor, I use the wet/dry one. I don´t know what your purpose is but we only cook really for up to 6 people so its always fine for me and I love to experiment in it with small quantities.The pulverizing disk is one of my most favourite toys in the whole world !!

      Anyway, I hope that helps.
      p.s. I forgot to say. I haven’t ever heard of power issues with the bamix but I’d love it if you could point me to them so I can see if I can work out what’s happening . I know you need a certain power 160w or 180 to be safe for the slicSy . That’s the only issue I know of .

      • Adrian Andralojc

        This is one of the opinions on the below link and this is the item I am leaning towards of getting.

        Bamix Gastro 200 Professional Hand Held Food Processor with Longer Shaft, 200 Watts


        Good design but weak for my needs

        Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 March 2015

        Verified Purchase

        Size: Longer Shaft

        Reading a review of someone who claimed that Bamix Gastro 350 is too powerful for the wet and dry mill, I decided to purchase Bamix Gastro 200. I was impressed about the design and how it feels in hand. Unfortunately it does not have enough power which I was used to with my old Philips (600 W). I was trying to make a pesto sauce, but the nuts remain in pieces there. I regret not getting 350. Maybe it would have also been weak, but now I am unfortunately sure in that about 200. The price is too high for what it can do


        • aoibheann

          Interesting. I agree nothing is ever perfect all the time but I do pesto a lot and it´s fine. I´ve even had some banana left in a smoothie ! But I´ve learned to work with the tools and move things around, and up and down and not expect magic to always happen on it´s own.
          With the processor sometimes its best to move it around with one hand while you hold the processor with the other… ie sometimes you have to work with the tool and not expect it to just find all the pieces. Have a look at the Gordon Ramsey video on my gastro 350 review page. You´ll see the power of his 350 there.
          I have a 200W swissline and make nut butter with the wet / dry processor so thats fine enough for me 🙂 It takes time. Also , with pesto , and other things I´ve learned to do things in an order that works for me. So I would do nuts first then add the rest , unless I wanted a nice crunchy texture which is lovely too.

  3. Diann Milford

    Hello, thanks for all the information on the Bamix products. Your information is very thorough and informative. I am looking for the Bamix Superbox Hand Blender Processor with all the accessories shown on the UK Amazon site. However, I do not see anything this complete anywhere in the US. Also, the speeds on the 150 are not as high as the 200 in the UK. Also, I see no comprehensive Superbox sets with 110 Volt plugs. Maybe one has to buy the 150 from the US sites and then buy add-ons to get the other accessories. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • aoibheann

      Hi Diann,
      I´ve just seen your comment come through on email but I´m having a problem getting it on the site, so whilst we get that fixed, let me answer you here first.

      I agree it´s not so helpful the 150/200w difference but it´s because of the poewr supply. It is best though that you buy the tsick in your own country so that you are obeying the power regulations there.
      The superbox is essentially a packaged up set.
      So, if the superbox itself isn´t available however, there are few ways to achieve that.
      Head down to the very bottom of the page on Which bamix to choose and look for the Bamix baking set, the Bamix BBQ set or the Classic selection set once you click through one of my links.
      Or, as you say, get a smaller package with the blender of equal power ( a gastro, or a swissline or colorline)and add the bits you need. The SliceSy, beakers and processor the 4 blades, and a stand are what you need to make the set.
      Good luck, and just let me know if I can help any further.
      All the best, Aoibheann

  4. Hena

    Hi there. I am having hard time to chose 150w or 250w. Regardless the shaft difference, I was wondering how faster speed could help me or not. I have a small family and we do a light cooking at home.

    • aoibheann

      Hi Hena, are you talking about the European / Uk version or the American one ? Take a look at my notes on power for American models if that´s where you are because 150W there tends to equal the 200W in European descriptions. If you are doing light cooking you don´t need to go for top of the range, however you need the higher power to operate the sliceSy. The higher power doesn´t make it too ´fast´ in my opinion, it just makes it more powerful. You have two speeds, and for small quantities or light things I use the low speed. Hope that all helps.

  5. A. Abbas

    Thank you for the review. Im confused between the baking box and slicesy. I was wondering if you can help answer 2 questions; a)what type of wire they have and the difference in them.Thanks

    • aoibheann

      Hi there. The SliceSy is just one attachment for the Bamix blender – albeit the biggest and most expensive one. It is the big processor that chops, slices, grates. It can come as a basic set with the chopping blade and a grating and slicing blade, or as a full set ( more expensive) which has a the full set of blades with it.
      The Baking Box is just the packaged up name for the Superbox set ( aimed at Bakers but it could be for anyone !) so it includes the SliceSy as one of it’s attachments.
      What type of wire? Assuming you mean straight or curly.The wire comes attached to the blender – usually it’s curly for these ones. The SliceSy doesn’t have a wire – it’s an attachment so the blender leg attaches to it to give it it’s power.
      Hope that helps.

  6. Alex

    Hi, are the stands for the blenders interchangeable? For example, if I wanted to replace my stand but not the blender itself, could I use a Swissline stand with a Classic blender (or vice versa)?

    • aoibheann

      Hi Alex, as far as I know yes… you should be able to use the stands interchangeably. Why… because I don’t think the body and shaft size differs on any of the blenders. I’ll double check with Bamix and come back to you again if I hear anything different.

  7. aoibheann

    Thanks Douglas, made me giggle that you thought of something new for me – the soft grips. I’m pretty sure they are all the same as I can’t help holding one if I see it – in a shop or wherever – and I have never noticed any being different. Can’t say categorically but I guess they must all be the soft grip. The stand you get with the gastro is the wall mount. With the Swissline you get the swissline stand – it comes apart in two piece though so I take it apart if I’m travelling with it so that it doesn’t break in the suitcase. It’s not always easy, but you can find sometimes fine the stands to buy separately – hope that helps.

  8. wangxiang

    Please tell me how to choose between bamix g350 and Braun 9087x. Thank you

    • aoibheann

      Here are my thoughts if I were choosing between them.
      The Bamix G350 is very powerful and has the longest shaft, so it’s very much for chefs or cooks that are cooking a lot with it and needing it to go into large pans. So if you have a big family to feed, are always cooking for groups, or working in a commercial kitchen, then this is the one. This is the one Gordon Ramsey says he uses at all the stations in his restaurant kitchens.
      The Braun 9087x is top of the range for home use and also for big groups and families but more because it is so versatile and powerful. It has lots of extras with the food processor attachments to julienne and make french fries, plus a chopping bowl and masher leg. So you get everything you need in one package if that’s what you need.
      With the G350, you would have to buy the extra attachments – the processor, the meat blade, and the sliceSy as additional pieces. If you are in a commercial kitchen you probably wouldn’t need the sliceSy but the little processor with the powder disk is brilliant for making herb and spice mixes. I love it ! The meat blade you would probably extra as well as it cuts through sinewy meat, but you’re working in small quantities usually.
      The Braun 9087x means you need more storage space, the Bamix G350 is easy to just hang up – but DO always hang it up as it will fall over more easily given that extra long blending leg, and it’s not good to have it fall over !
      In my view, if you already have things in your kitchen like a chinois, a mandoline, a potato masher, then the Bamix G350 is for you. If you do not have these then the Braun 9087x gives you a little of everything so you can tackle all these jobs.
      So I hope you found yourself in one of these scenarios and that should make the choice easier. Please do let me know which you choose. Here’s the link for the Braun 9087x, and here’s the one for the Bamix G350.
      Which country are you in ?

      • wangxiang

        Thank you very much. I come from China. I think I will choose bamix.Braun needs too much storage space. Thank you again

  9. Leticia

    Hi, I am looking for a Swissline model 250 watt since I will give it a lot of use but it is very hard to find. Why? Where can I buy latest models being produced?.I understand the model may vary Little though i would rather buy one model being produced in 2018 rather than in 2012 for example. I have seen in The Kitchen One a Black/White special edition Swissline model but it doesn´t seem as a Swissline model in appearence rather it looks like a Classic model in its rounded curvy not striped shape…is it a new versión or and old versión??

    It is urgent. I am really looking forward to acquiring one and in Amazon they all seem older versions from 2006, 2007, 2016, 2017..

    • admin

      Hi Leticia, thanks for your query. You won’t find as many of the 250W SwissLine because it was made as a limited edition. So we imagine also that means it was produced then and not any more now, which is perhaps why you see it made in 2012 not 2018. Can you tell me what you mean by “the kitchen one” we don’t follow that ? For the colours, we also have seen mostly all black, or black and white stripe versions. Can you tell me where are you based i.e. Which country? so we can look into this more for you.

      • Virgnia Capone

        has something changed since this was written as I looked into purchasing the swissline and all I could find in the US was the swissline 150? thankyou

        • aoibheann hopkins

          Hi Virginia, the only thing that I see changing usually is the supply of Bamix. Bamix has been solid in what it offers since the beginning. I try to keep up with what I can find for you all, and then make sure my links take you to the best on offer. However it’s most difficult in the U.S. The number 150 can be confusing compared to the 200 we see from the manufacturer in Europe, but it is correct when it says M150 in the US. You can get the M150 Swissline or the Pro-1 model. The Swissline apparently only needs to draw 150-180 Watts there. Head over to my detailed review of the Swissline to get my full explanation (
          I see Amazon has the most supply there. Thanks for going through my site to get advice and purchase, it means a lot.


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