Is this the easiest, fastest, tastiest soup in the world ?

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Easy Tomato Salsa Dip

A bag of frozen spinach, a tin of coconut milk, a few tablespoons of green curry paste. Add water and a stock cube, 10mins simmer,  and voila – the soup is done.

The short, to the point, recipe !

Does it bother you when you have to scroll for miles and miles down a page to get to the actual recipe. Well, not this time !

For a velvety green, smooth spinach coconut curry soup


Put a pan on the hob / stove, full heat.


Add a few tablespoons of green curry paste… followed by a few tablespoons of the coconut milk. Mix it together into a paste as it starts to cook for a minute.


Add the bag of spinach ( mine had already melted but that didn’t matter. )

Nigella uses 500g spinach – mine was 400g.


Mix it together as it starts to come to a boil.. then quickly add the rest of the coconut milk from the 400ml tin.

Nigella does it the other way round spinach  / milk but I did it my way so it wouldn’t splash.


Add half a tin of water and 1 vegetable stock cube and mix.

Nigella added 250g boiled water ( I add half a tin, so 200grams of cold water).

Nigella added 1 teaspoon vegetable bouillon powder.  I don’t know if this is equivalent to a stock cube but I’d say with hindsight you could easily use 1/2 a stock cube.

Ok, it should be boiling so turn it down to a simmer. Put a lid on and keep at a simmering temperature for 10mins.

Take off the heat, ladle into a tall jug or beaker and blend.

Nigella didn’t blend till it’s smooth. I think it’s better blended. (Am thinking spinach in your teeth here – not a good look!)

Taste and adjust. Mine was a tiny, tiny bit salty ( from the sauce and stock cube ). So remember NOT to add any seasoning here. It was still excellent though ( I’m fussy about my salt ). It needed more kick so I added 3 or 4 shakes of cayenne pepper and stirred it through. that gave it just a nice subtle spicy taste along with the green curry flavour.



Nigella topped it with some chopped red chilli – looked great ! I didn’t need to – it had the chilli in it and I didn’t want more – or to have to eat or avoid  the raw chilli. But this is your chance to get creative.

Job done. Lunch made. Served with a little baguette. It was so filling !

Inspiration... a Nigella Lawson recipe !


I found this recipe from Nigella Lawson it really appealed. The whole point also was that it was using store cupboard ingredients and I thought – hey I have those. Then, lo and behold we have one of those ooops moments when (someone) turned the wrong fuse off overnight and the freezer defrosted.

Thankfully we don’t keep much in the freezer except ice, iced glasses, vodka !, wine coolers and gel pads for injuries . Maybe some ice-cream, and some bags of peas, spinach, corn, maybe a bag of frozen fruit. More rarely we freeze fish or meat for any length of time – we eat it as soon as we buy if possible.

Then we keep frozen leftovers for meals in a hurry etc. I love cooking a bit too much and then getting a free lunch out of it later, don’t you?

I also freeze leftovers of nut milk, coconut milk etc before they go off. I hate waste, so I scan the fridge every now and then to see the shelf life of everything in there.  If I realise I probably won’t use them up in time, I freeze it , if it’s possible. I also do it before we go off on our travels ( you may have sen my instagram stories of the coconut and almond milk in muffin tins ready to freeze. )

So this recipe rose to the near the top of the list. Paul made a yummy fish, chorizo, and chick pea ( garbanzo bean) stew first. Again we had everything in the cupboard or freezer / fridge for that except for the fish. we bought some frozen cod so that was easy too. I’ll share sooooon.

Essential Kitchen tools

large frying pan or saucepan

tall jug or container

hand blender

I used my Bamix and used the meat blade first as I thought the spinach might need it . It made light work of it in seconds so maybe it wasn’t needed.

If you have a Bamix let me know how it turns out if you use the multi-tasking blade, or even just the whisk first ( although I think the spinach could get all caught up in the whisk if used first.)

If you use another blender – please make a comment below and let me know how it went ! Thank-you.

Easy Tomato Salsa Dip

Soup in an instant !

I can’t believe how simple this was, how timely too for us. It was put together literally in an instant !

We had this for lunch just now and I just had to let you all know immediately ! The remaining portions are cooling down ready to go into the freezer for another day’s treat.

Servings : 4      |       Prep Time : instant      |      Cooking  Time : 10-12 mins       |     Difficulty : 1/5

So simple

I also can’t believe I have simplified it even more and it still tasted amazing.

Essential Ingredients


Coconut milk ( 1 tin – 400ml )

Frozen spinach (1 bag – 400g or 500g )

2 tablespoons thai green curry paste

1 teaspoon vegetable stock powder (or 1/2 cube)

Water ( 200 or 250ml )


Fool proof

My spinach had defrosted, my muffin mould shaped coconut milk pucks had melted so I just used a washed out, used tin of tomatoes from last night’s dinner to measure out the 400ml I needed.


Easy Tomato Salsa Dip

Enjoy your soup

Gosh this was so filling ! Remember to use your saved time wisely. Have fun 🙂


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