In-depth review of the Kenwood Triblade HDP406WH hand blender

Last updated Feb 8, 2019 at 5:25PM | Published on Nov 8, 2018

Kenwood HDP406WH Triblade

Kenwood HDP406 hand blender set. Voted one of our best hand blenders to buy in 2018

Kenwood HDP406WH Triblade System Pro hand blender

If you are looking for a great value multi-tasker for the home, this is it. For the price, you get an all in one processor set with so many tools you can use for the core tasks at home. The blender stick itself is fabulous quality with a metal shaft and unique technology to make it powerful, fast, and easy to use. We included it in our top 10 hand blenders blog post and happily voted it the best home blender in our main page round up of hand blenders.

A little head’s up on our 2019 update on the best hand blenders…Kenwood actually make two Triblade technology hand blenders that we now love. The HDP406 is the cheaper one featured here, but the more recently introduced KMix sister range HDX754 model is much more stylish  – and we think is actually is a real bargain too (see our best deal today page) for what it is and how it looks. Both do exactly the same thing, but the accessories are not interchangeable. 


Why Kenwood ?


Kenwood is a very British Company. It is a well known and respected Kitchen appliance company founded by Kenneth Wood in 1947. In 2001 Kenwood joined the de’longhi group. It now boasts selling 200 models in 40 countries of the world.


Kenwood HDP406 key features


Body material: Plastic

Wand: metal

Colour: White

Size (cm): 7.3L x 7.3W x 42H

Speed: 8 speeds,Variable + Turbo

Power Wattage: 800W


Unique: SuregripTM handle, TribladeTM blade technology

1 yr warranty

Cable grip: Yes

Dishwasher safe parts

SureGrip™ handle

Balloon whisk accessory

Calibrated Beaker (0.75L)

Calibrated Chopper bowl (0.5L) with blade accessory

Dedicated mashing / pureeing accessory

Soup XL accessory (for blending soups directly into the saucepan)

What’s good about the HDP406

The best things

The updated Triblade technology blending blade which makes it better, faster, stronger, easier than previous Kenwood models.  The improved 800Watts motor makes it 14% more powerful than before, and able to handle 20% heavier loads.

We should explain what the triblade is exactly!  Well its three blades, that are angled in a way that disrupt the movement of the food so that it blends faster and easier. The new foot shape also stops any splashing.

Suregrip is the name of the new handle technology, and it means it won’t slip out of even wet or greasy hands. The handle is made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), not rubber as many people assume.

So the Kenwood Triblade HDP406WH set is a real multi-tasker with all its extra accessories. The extra XL blender foot for soup, and the XL potato masher giant plastic attachments mean you don’t have to worry about scraping your pots or pans.

The big foot for soups, and the big masher seem to be super popular…for potatoes, veg purée or even paté making. Reviewers didn’t expect these accessories to be so important but actually they have become lifesavers and used so often!

The jug and the chopper bowl are both a nice big size. The chopper has a very useful rubber base grip, and the rubber base of the beaker even doubles up as a lid!

There are two motors for fast and slow speed. So, the whisk has its own motor which is slower than the blender,  something that is necessary to do a better whisking job.

Attachments are easy to clean under the tap,  but also dishwasher safe.

All in all, a winner for Kenwood.

just a few things users comment on

It’s hard to write this for something we think is great, but after scouring all the reviews have to say that whilst the new ‘suregrip’ handle is generally well thought of, but maybe it can be a bit chunky for little hands.

The blender has a solid feel but reviewers report that the blending blade suction is strong, and the blades are sharp so be careful.

Finally, this last point is debatable as a worst thing! You will find  blender sets with a chopper bowl and a food processing bowl. The Kenwood WDP406 just has the chopper bowl. So it doesn’t have the final food processing element that some sets provide to do grating, slicing etc. Jury is still out on how necessary it is to provide this with a hand blender set. You see we haven’t found the need for these, and we love our simple grater, and sharp kitchen knives! If you do need this element to complete the set for you, then either look at the Bamix (where you can add the SliceSy), or the Braun Multiquick 7 or 9 series (depending on your location) hand blender.

Some specific Kenwood Triblade FAQs


How long can I run my hand blender for?

It’s designed to run for maximum 50 seconds within any 4 minute period, particularly when used in heavier mixtures. Always let it rest between blending.
For the whisk, try to avoid using it any longer than 3 minutes in any 10 minute period.

Is my Kenwood hand blender BPA free?

Kenwood say they do not use  PC in the manufacture of any parts which come into contact with food, and they will “not release a product for sale unless tests show that NO BPA is detected.”

I can’t get the attachments to fit onto the body properly

Check (make sure the power is off first)  if there is any obstruction within the connection end of the motor. Check inside the base of hand unit and make sure it’s completely white and that there is nothing obstructing the motor.  If there is something , then, once the power is disconnected, remove the obstacle really carefully ( use tweezers ).

For general hand blender FAQs, we made a list of the most popular questions and answers here.

How to use your Kenwood Triblade HDP406WH

The HDP406WH is designed to be used for quick tasks. With all the accessories detailed below, its designed to be your blender, masher, a whisk, a chopper or grinder. There is very little it cannot do, but it’s mostly meant to be used for soups, baby food, sauces, milk shakes and mayonnaise. Kenwood even provide you with some nice recipes .

The shaft and blades are high quality stainless steel so unlike some plastic, its safe to use in hot liquids, is dishwasher safe,  and generally makes for easier cleaning.


Tips for using the...

0.75 litre plastic beaker

Don’t fill the supplied beaker more than two thirds full. If using your own beaker, choose a tall, straight sided one that is slightly wider than the foot of the hand blender to allow movement of the ingredients, but tall enough to prevent splashing!

soup XL blender

This is designed to be used in the saucepan not the beaker ( it’s too big for it! ). To avoid splashing by putting the blender into the food before switching on. If the blender blocks, turn it off and then clear it. Take the saucepan off the heat and let cool to room temperature for safest blending.

Don’t let the liquid get above the wand and handle join. It’s plastic so you won’t scratch the pan.

For smoothest blending try to incorporate all the food by moving the blade around the food as if you are stirring around, or mashing up and down. Finally, always let go of the speed button when you are finished, then turn the power off. You need to dismantle fully to clean the masher well.

balloon whisk

This is the perfect accessory for whisking egg whites into meringues. It’s also good for light things like cream, mouse, light desserts, mayonnaise. Its advised to do no more than 4 egg whites or 400ml ( 3 ⁄4pt) cream at a time.

Anything heavier like bread or cake mixtures will damage the whisk.

When whisking, don’t let the liquid get above the whisk wires.

0.5 litre chopper

This is a great tool for chopping small quantities of meat, vegetables, herbs, bread, biscuits and nuts. Great also for making tasty dips and sauces. It blitzes hard cheese beautifully and a tip for onions is to just pulse them so they don’t turn to mush!  Some say its not good however for bullet hard foods like coffee beans, ice cubes, or some – take care not to damage the blade.

The gripping rubber base has a neat feature – you can take it off, turn it over and then use it as a lid to store what you have just chopped! Same goes for the beaker base / lid.

XL masher

It´s plastic and seems to act like an electric ricer so a bit mesmerising watching those little potato worms appear!  Best used for potatoes by all accounts, but it can be used for other vegetables too. Good for when you need to do big quantities of mash, and also good for making gnocchi!

Do remember to look at our other two award winning blenders – the Bamix Gastro 350 was the best commercial blender, and the Russell Hobbs 22241 which was the best budget blender.



The cable is 125cm


All the attachments pop off by squeezing two buttons at the bottom of the body.



We’re being picky here but the 750ml beaker has a lovely grippy base and lid but annoyingly no spout.


It would be nice to have a loop at the top for hanging it up.

Triblade video

triblade video still

2019 upgraded recommendation


We would like to introduce you to the stylish sister range of the HDP. Check it out also in our ‘we like‘ post. Its called the KMix and it has a much more stylish version of the HDP406.




It comes in a gorgeous black, cream or red version. Whilst it does the same job, its a have found the sister model to be much more compact, stylish, and in a much nicer, sturdier finish.

 We recommend the KMix HDX754 in the UK, the HDX758 in Australia, and … in U.S.



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